International collaboration

Information received from our treaty partners can often provide additional evidence or confirm investigations into a taxpayer's affairs which can lead to a tax liability being raised.

The information below represents the tax liabilities (including penalties and interest) raised as a direct result of our exchange of information activity with our treaty partners.

The total liabilities raised (primarily as a result of our compliance investigations) that can be attributed to exchange of information activity in 2012–13 was around $473 million. Exchange of information cases with treaty partners contributed to around $480 million of adjusted tax, penalties and interest.

Australian treaty partners

Double tax agreement / Double tax convention

Tax information exchange agreement

Multilateral Convention

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  • Singapore
    $159 million
    128 exchanges
  • UK
    $147.4 million
    87 exchanges
  • Cayman Islands
    $37.6 million
    3 exchanges
  • Netherlands
    $24.5 million
    5 exchanges
  • Ireland
    $21.8 million
    29 exchanges
  • USA
    $23.6 million
    44 exchanges
  • New Zealand
    $13.9 million
    102 exchanges
  • Italy
    $11.4 million
    2 exchanges
  • China
    $10.1 million
    5 exchanges
  • British Virgin Islands
    $9.9 million
    7 exchanges
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