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  • Our planning and reporting uses a risk-based approach, and harnesses intelligence to identify opportunities or threats to our administration.

    Our annual plan sets our direction and strategies for the year, as well as accountability and performance measures. Using this plan as our foundation, our operational plans cascade through the ATO to translate the strategic direction and allow employees to see how their efforts contribute. Following the release of our annual plan in 2012, senior leaders engaged with employees on our strategic direction through a series of corporate conversations.

    Our Annual plan 2013–14External Link, released in June, includes a Commissioners' statement. We are also working towards a statement of strategic intent with a vision for 2020, a mission and enterprise strategies to achieve the intent.

    During the year, we reviewed and revised our program key performance indicators to have a greater focus on measuring our effectiveness. These indicators are intended to provide a balanced view across the four pillars of compliance, as well as public opinion indicators. They are included in our Annual plan 2013–14 and Portfolio Budget Statements, and will be reported over the next 12 months.

    Throughout the year, our performance against the plan is monitored and reported through our senior management committees. Performance is also scrutinised by a range of external stakeholders.

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