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  • Financial management

    We are a large, complex and geographically diverse organisation. Within this context we maintain a strong focus on budget management and ensure resources are allocated to optimise our performance.

    • Achieved a modest surplus of $10.0 million for the year, comprising an ATO component of $9.2 million and AVO component of $0.8 million
    • Aligned with whole-of-government contract management by accessing new arrangements for stationery and travel accommodation
    • Led the integration of the ACNC within the ATO
    Looking ahead
    • Streamline internal processes to procure resources and services to meet business outcomes within Commonwealth policy boundaries
    • Establish an Investment Board to oversee our strategic investment program to ensure we are positioned to deliver future outcomes
    • Develop a forward work program to consolidate and enhance our corporate systems to ensure our approach remains contemporary
    • Deliver better financial outcomes through continued implementation of our property strategy
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