Operating budget

We began 2012–13 with an operating budget of $3,453.3 million. During the year, our funding changed as a result of government decisions, including:

  • an increase of $34.1 million from measures announced as part of the 2012–13 mid-year economic and fiscal outlook:
    • $24.3 million for additional investment to maintain the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems
    • $5.6 million to commence implementing reforms in superannuation associated with the transfer of lost member accounts to the ATO.
  • a reduction of $14.8 million related to our component of the government's targeted public sector efficiency savings.

Overall, the result for 2012–13 was an operating surplus of $10.0 million (excludes end-of-year, non-cash accounting adjustments made for our financial statements), which represents 0.3% of budget. This comprised an ATO component of $9.2 million and an AVO component of $0.8 million after income tax.

Budget expenditure in 2012–13

Budget expenditure in 2012–13

Budget expenditure in 2012–13
Type Percentage
Labour 62.9%
Technology 10.2%
Property 8.0%
Depreciation 4.3%
Consultants and contractors 3.9%
Other 2.6%
Legal costs 2.2%
Printing, postage, and office operations 2.0%
Payment to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service for tax administration services 1.5%
Bank fees and collection charges 1.3%
Travel 1.1%
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