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  • Property and environmental management

    We provide our employees with high-quality, cost-effective, safe and sustainable office accommodation and facilities to meet business needs.

    • Developed a property management plan to deliver fit-for-purpose, sustainable accommodation
    • Completed new building projects in Adelaide, Albury, Brisbane and Melbourne
    • Managed three refurbishments for our Canberra, Moonee Ponds and Townsville sites
    • Contributed to whole-of-government efforts to manage the Commonwealth property portfolio
    Looking ahead
    • Implement changes to meet government targets for the management of space and ongoing environmental considerations
    • Consider alternative strategies to reduce our accommodation as limited opportunities exist for reduction outside of future lease renewals
    • Implement our new long-term environmental strategy to ensure we are environmentally responsible now and into the future

    Albury and Adelaide building openings


    New environmentally-friendly offices


    View the transcript - Albury and Adelaide building openings

    Well only accommodated in the new buildings for a few weeks now I’ve already had fantastic experiences, and really think the building provides us with the facilities to be able to effectively do our business now and into the future.

    The new building offers many benefits, additional video conferencing facilities, modern IT trading rooms and fresh and easily accessed meeting places conducive to achieving positive business outcomes.

    The improved kitchen facilities have been designed to create a sense of community, and are large enough to be used for informal celebrations, bringing people together promoting workplace cohesion and helping to build relationships.

    Another interesting part of the new building are the green features, and the new recycling strategies that have been implemented to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. In an attempt to reduce paper wastage we no longer have bins at individual desks to encourage a paperless workplace. The bins that are available separate waste into types – such as recyclable, non-recyclable and organic. Work stations are made from environmentally friendly materials.

    Our new building has a 5 star green rating and 4.5 stars on the National Australian Built Environment Rating System. Our environmental initiatives include the use of natural light distribution, high efficiency energy lighting systems, dual flush toilets and water saving devices, all contributing to a positive working environment with a small environmental footprint.

    The facilities are a fantastic method for Adelaide staff to consult and network with our colleagues interstate in an economic manner. I’m also very pleased to see the ATO being responsive to environmental challenges, by seizing the opportunity to co-design a building, which sets the standard for ecologically sustainable development design practices, and achieves a 5 green star rating. This innovation includes having no recirculation of air, also sensor lighting and a living plant wall which both reduces green house gas emissions while simultaneously cooling the building.

    I’m proud to work in a building which reflects the ATO’s corporate values by embracing fresh ideas and new technologies to improve the wellbeing of Australia and all Australians.

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