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  • Engaging our workforce

    During the year, we implemented our People strategy 2012–15 which sets the vision and priorities for our people system. Our people system ensures we have the right people, right capabilities, right leadership and right culture in place to meet our obligations to the community and government.

    Since the 2011 Employee Engagement survey, we have seen an improvement in employee engagement. Change management and leadership perceptions were two areas identified for improvement. We worked on increasing engagement between employees and senior leaders by providing more opportunities for discussion and interaction.

    More than 850 engagement-improvement initiatives were identified and implemented in 2012–13, including:

    • a nationwide learning and development expo to address career development focus areas
    • a job enrichment guide to support employees in their career development and to help managers support and develop their employees
    • site-focused initiatives to enhance work relationships and strengthen connections across business areas.

    Workforce absence rates remain a focus area. Analysis has confirmed the close connection between low levels of employee engagement and unplanned leave. This year, we developed attendance management guidelines and worked with areas with the highest workplace absence rates. We began using analytics to help understand attendance patterns, guide individuals and managers on early intervention, and provide opportunities for support, taking into account individual circumstances. We are starting to see some impact with an initial reduction in unplanned leave from 15.5 days per FTE in 2011–12 to 15.3 days per FTE in 2012–13 (equivalent to 9,041 FTE days).

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