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  • The Remuneration Tribunal sets remuneration and conditions for the Commissioner, while the Commissioner determines the remuneration for Second Commissioners within a framework set by the Tribunal.

    The Commissioner determines conditions for our SES based on advice from our remuneration committee. Remuneration for these senior executives is aligned with the annual remuneration survey conducted by the Australian Public Service Commission.

    In 2012–13, remuneration and terms and conditions for our SES were reviewed and consolidated. One outcome was that performance pay was rolled into base salaries at the rates below, effective from 5 July 2012:

    • 6.3% for SES Band 1
    • 8.25% for SES Band 2.

    Total remuneration for our SES includes a notional component for the provision of a motor vehicle and parking, and for superannuation calculated at 15.4% of 101% of base salary. In 2012–13 the salary ranges, including the rolled-in performance pay, were:

    • SES Band 1: $157,045 to $185,650 (notional total remuneration $210,661 to $243,715)
    • SES Band 2: $204,351 to $234,675 (notional total remuneration $266,512 to $301,553).

    For more information on remuneration, see note 13 to our financial statements.

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