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    Chris Jordan (intro)

    I've spent my first six months with the ATO listening and learning about our role, our functions and our people. I've been amazed at the scope and depth of this organisation's operation and expertise. I am impressed with the job that is done here at the ATO – an important job for Australia. I am honoured to have the job of Commissioner and proud to work with the Second Commissioners.

    We have developed a Commissioners' statement of intent for 2013-14 which sets out directions for the coming year. The statement is relevant to everyone in the ATO. The directions explain what shifts need to occur in the coming year – things that will build on and enhance our performance and our reputation.

    Bruce Quigley

    We want Government, other agencies, small and large business, the tax profession and individuals to have confidence in us and know that we will administer the tax and super systems fairly.

    Geoff Leeper

    One of the key aspects of administering the tax and super systems fairly is making participation as easy and as seamless as possible.

    Our services and communications have to match contemporary practices of business and governments. We will need to keep pace with technology and be a key player in whole of government efforts.

    Neil Olesen

    We want targeted consultation where we are talking with the right people at the right time on the right issue. This means we will reduce the number of regular forums we have in place to a more project-like approach to consultation.

    At a global level, we need to work with Treasury and other administrations to drive collaborative approaches to international taxation matters to ensure countries get their fair share of taxation.


    I want to emphasise that we are building on a good foundation and that the changes and areas of focus mentioned are about taking us to a new level.

    Let's use the skills, expertise and talent in this organisation to demonstrate that we are a valuable institution and leading organisation for our nation.

    100 people and their super


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    There are almost 23 million people in Australia

    There are almost 23 million people in Australia

    Based on our 2010-11 data, nearly 11 and a half million people have a superannuation account

    Nearly 11 and a half million people have a superannuation account

    Representing the superannuation population as 100 people

    We represent these 11 and a half million people as 100 people

    How old are they?

    Of those with a super account, 15 are 25 or younger

    23 are 26 to 35

    22 are 36 to 45

    21 are 46 to 55

    15 are 56 to 65

    4 are over 65

    What is their gender?

    52 are male

    48 are female

    How much money do they earn?

    16 earn up to $20,000

    35 earn $20,001 to $50,000

    33 earn $50,001 to $100,000

    14 earn $100,001 to $250,000

    2 earn over $250,000

    What is their super balance?

    48 have up to $20,000

    21 have $20,001 to $50,000

    14 have $50,001 to $100,000

    10 have $100,001 to $250,000

    4 have $250,001 to $500,000

    3 have over $500,000

    How much did their employers contribute to their super in the last year?

    11 received no contributions

    25 received up to $2,000

    33 received $2,001 to $5,000

    20 received $5,001 to $10,000

    9 received $10,001 to $25,000

    2 people received over $25,000

    How much did they contribute to their own super in the last year?

    81 added nothing

    11 added up to $2,000

    4 added $2,001 to $5,000

    4 added over $5,000

    How many boosted their savings through co-contributions?

    10 people received government co-contributions

    How much money is lost in the super system?

    There is around $17 billion of lost super.

    Where is the lost super held in Australia?

    If there were 100 lost super accounts across Australia

    32 are in New South Wales

    22 are in Victoria

    22 are in Queensland

    13 are in Western Australia

    5 are in South Australia

    2 are in the ACT

    2 are in the Northern Territory

    1 is in Tasmania

    There is one account we can't find an address for.

    Australian Taxation Office – 100 people and their super

    Australian Taxation Office, representing the millions of people with a super account as 100 people.

    For more information, visit us at link

    AVO rebrand


    Working for the AVO

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    Australian Valuation Office (AVO) - Video

    FIONA, SENIOR DIRECTOR CORPORATE SUPPORT: The AVO is a fee-for-service business line of in fact the Australian Taxation Office. It's a very interesting place, it's quite unique in its role. It's the only Government Agency that is a valuation office that operates across the whole of Australia.

    PHILIP, VIC REGION SENIOR VALUER: What I enjoy about the working at the AVO is the balance between working in the office and working out in the field. It gives a very interesting aspect of work where you don't have to spend all your time sitting at a desk and you get to meet some lovely people and also see some wonderful properties.

    SCOTT, ACT REGION, VALUER IN TRAINING: I think the most interesting one was the National Library of Australia; we got the opportunity to go through every floor of it and see some of the stuff that a lot of people don't get to see, like their secret vault room where they keep all their really rare artefacts.

    PETER, CORPORATE VALUATIONS, SENIOR VALUER: In terms of the Business Valuations area it involves a lot of complex analysis and problem solving and quite detailed and involved cases.

    ANDREW, NT REGION VALUER: Behind me here is a Defence Housing Australia (DHA) developed unit complex, we regularly do work up here in the territory for DHA and Defence including rental assessments.

    BILL, NT REGIONAL MANAGER: I did a crocodile farm up in the top end of WA and I think some of challenging work is in regards to the statuary work which we conduct on behalf of the NT Government in some of the more remote areas where lack of evidence is difficult and we have to essentially become a detective for the day.

    ALEX, NT REGION, VALUER: We've also valued marina berths here at Cullen Bay Marina in Larrakeyah.

    FIONA SOUTHWELL, SENIOR DIRECTOR CORPORATE SUPPORT: The difference between us and our competitors is that we are a Government Agency in our own right, so we truly understand what it means to meet the requirements of Government.

    Albury and Adelaide building openings


    New environmentally-friendly offices


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    Well only accommodated in the new buildings for a few weeks now I’ve already had fantastic experiences, and really think the building provides us with the facilities to be able to effectively do our business now and into the future.

    The new building offers many benefits, additional video conferencing facilities, modern IT trading rooms and fresh and easily accessed meeting places conducive to achieving positive business outcomes.

    The improved kitchen facilities have been designed to create a sense of community, and are large enough to be used for informal celebrations, bringing people together promoting workplace cohesion and helping to build relationships.

    Another interesting part of the new building are the green features, and the new recycling strategies that have been implemented to ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. In an attempt to reduce paper wastage we no longer have bins at individual desks to encourage a paperless workplace. The bins that are available separate waste into types – such as recyclable, non-recyclable and organic. Work stations are made from environmentally friendly materials.

    Our new building has a 5 star green rating and 4.5 stars on the National Australian Built Environment Rating System. Our environmental initiatives include the use of natural light distribution, high efficiency energy lighting systems, dual flush toilets and water saving devices, all contributing to a positive working environment with a small environmental footprint.

    The facilities are a fantastic method for Adelaide staff to consult and network with our colleagues interstate in an economic manner. I’m also very pleased to see the ATO being responsive to environmental challenges, by seizing the opportunity to co-design a building, which sets the standard for ecologically sustainable development design practices, and achieves a 5 green star rating. This innovation includes having no recirculation of air, also sensor lighting and a living plant wall which both reduces green house gas emissions while simultaneously cooling the building.

    I’m proud to work in a building which reflects the ATO’s corporate values by embracing fresh ideas and new technologies to improve the wellbeing of Australia and all Australians.

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