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  • ATO Executive

    The ATO Executive sets the strategic direction and monitors delivery of the ATO’s commitments to government and the community.

    Chris Jordan AO,
    Commissioner of Taxation and Registrar of the Australian Business Register

    Chris Jordan AO was appointed as the 12th Commissioner of Taxation on 1 January 2013.

    Chris has broad and lengthy experience in tax policy and law development and implementation, having held influential roles in the private sector and as a government advisor to both Labor and Coalition governments.

    He was the Chair of the Board of Taxation from June 2011 to December 2012 and a member of the Board since its inception in 2000. He also served as Chair of the Business Tax Working Group in 2011–2012 and as Chair of the New Tax System Advisory Board (1999–2001). He was a member of the group that consulted with the mining industry about the resource rent tax (2011–12).

    Chris has more than 35 years of experience in the tax profession; starting his accounting career with the firm Arthur Andersen in 1979, with a few years as a senior lecturer in taxation at Sydney’s University of Technology, and then working at KPMG for more than two decades. From 1995 to 2000, he was Partner in Charge of the NSW Tax and Legal Division of KPMG, and from 2001 to 2012 was Chairman of Partners for KPMG NSW.

    Chris has a Master of Laws (Sydney University) and Bachelor of Commerce and Law (University of NSW). He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and a Chartered Tax Adviser with The Tax Institute.

    Chris’s term as Commissioner of Taxation and Registrar of the Australian Business Register runs until 29 February 2024.

    The Commissioner is supported by the Executive team and various corporate committees.

    Executive team

    The ATO Executive team has a wealth of experience, expertise, diverse capabilities and backgrounds, and is committed to providing Australians with a leading tax and superannuation administration with integrity and contemporary services.

    Each member of the committee has responsibility for different aspects of the ATO. Along with the roles outlined below, the senior leaders are champions for disability and diversity and participate in various programs, such as the Pottinger's Glass Elevator initiative, the National Association of Women in Operations, and the St Vinnie’s CEO Sleep Out.

    Frances Cawthra
    Chief Finance Officer

    Frances Cawthra is the Chief Finance Officer, providing leadership and direction to ATO Finance.

    ATO Finance has a focus on strong financial and resource management, delivering a balanced budget, ensuring effective procurement and contract management, and providing insight into wise investment, productivity improvements, sustainability and agility.

    Frances ensures that the ATO’s organisational strategy is supported with insightful business intelligence and strengthened risk awareness. She also leads ATO Finance to be a key strategic enabler for business areas, providing expert analysis and insight that informs decisions at all levels of the organisation.

    Jacqui Curtis
    Chief Operating Officer, Corporate and Enabling Services Group

    Jacqui Curtis, as Chief Operating Officer, is responsible for leading the ATO’s Corporate and Enabling Services Group.

    The role of Corporate and Enabling Services is to deliver critical services to our internal and external audiences through a wide range of activities, including finance, governance and people management.

    Jacqui brings together an integrated picture of people and resource management, ensuring the ATO has the right capability and culture to deliver on our strategic intent. She plays a lead role in managing relationships with key stakeholders including scrutineers. All of these underpin our ability to deliver a better experience for both clients and staff.

    Ramez Katf
    Second Commissioner, Enterprise Solutions and Technology Group

    Ramez Katf was appointed as the Second Commissioner responsible for the Enterprise Solutions and Technology Group on 1 May 2017. As Second Commissioner, Ramez maintains his previous role as Chief Information Officer. His term runs until 30 April 2024.

    Ramez provides leadership and strategic direction to modernising the revenue collection system and contributing to the government’s broader digital agenda.

    The focus of Enterprise Solutions and Technology is on delivering contemporary and innovative technology solutions to improve the experience of ATO staff and the community. This role has become increasingly important in balancing expectations and demand as new technology solutions continue to emerge.

    Andrew Mills
    Second Commissioner, Law Design and Practice Group

    Andrew Mills is the Second Commissioner with overall responsibility for the ATO’s law practice, including law interpretation, public advice and guidance, dispute resolution and our role in policy and law design. He also chairs the Audit and Risk Committee. Andrew’s term runs until 11 December 2020.

    The Law Design and Practice Group manages the ATO’s relationship with Treasury and other agencies. This area takes the lead on our contributions to making tax fair, simple and understood in the design of new policies and law, and in applying existing ones. Law Design and Practice is involved at the early stages of engagement on advice or review, to interpret the law and make sure we are getting it right the first time.

    The ATO recognises that the vast majority of Australians are trying to do the right thing when it comes to their tax obligations. By understanding the drivers of disputes, encouraging prevention and ensuring earlier resolution, the Law Design and Practice Group is reducing the number of disputes and ultimately lowering the cost for taxpayers and the Australian Government.

    Neil Olesen
    Second Commissioner, Client Engagement Group

    Neil Olesen is the Second Commissioner with overall responsibility for the ATO’s Client Engagement Group. Neil has more than 30 years of experience in tax and superannuation administration, including designing and implementing new tax laws, helping to ensure compliance with existing laws and leading major change initiatives. His term runs until 30 June 2020.

    To give clients a tailored and positive experience, the Client Engagement Group focuses on the importance of quality relationships in shaping future compliance. The group delivers support, assistance and advice services to help people to participate in the tax and superannuation systems and to comply with their obligations.

    It also plays an important role in building confidence in the fairness and transparency of the tax and superannuation systems. The group identifies potential instances of non-compliance and assures that the right amount of tax is paid, at the right time.


    Melinda Smith
    Chief Service Delivery Officer, Service Delivery Group

    Melinda Smith was appointed Chief Service Delivery Officer in October 2016 and has overall responsibility for the Service Delivery Group.

    This part of the ATO provides a link with the community via contact centres, debt management, registrations and processing. The group focuses on working with ATO clients to understand their needs and tailoring our approach in providing confidence and certainty. It also engages clients on a large scale and employs a strategic early intervention approach to educate them and influence willing participation.

    Melinda leads the delivery of a broad range of foundation services that provide taxpayers with tools, systems and services to help understand and meet their obligations as easily as possible. She also has responsibility of the Australian Business Register (ABR) and Standard Business Reporting (SBR).


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