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  • Feature: A focus on cash-only businesses

    Being much more visible in the community is a core part of our approach to address the cash and hidden economy. In June 2017, we started an ongoing program focusing on cash-only businesses across Australia.

    Our focus is to visit businesses in a number of locations across Australia. During the visits we:

    • discuss why cash-only businesses are a concern to us and talk to business owners about the benefits of taking electronic payments
    • provide information, assistance and resources on issues such as record keeping and their obligations as an employer
    • connect business owners with business support services through the Business Enterprise Centres
    • collect information to review, in conjunction with our risk models and data, and determine if further action is required to help the business get back on track.

    Cabramatta was the first of the locations we visited where we met with over 500 businesses and held a public forum for over 140 businesses and advisors.

    Our visits were well received with a number of business owners asking us to come back and provide further assistance to help them with their tax obligations. We were able to explain the benefits of using electronic payments and getting merchant facilities.

    We were also able to address a range of issues some businesses had about what they needed to as a record and report to us, and to provide assistance on the spot or with a follow-up call, though some business will need further follow up.

    Our program will continue in 2017–18, with visits to locations across Australia and contacting all businesses where our data suggests they are operating on a cash-only basis, to tell them about our focus.

    End of focus on cash-only businesses feature


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