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  • Operating expense budget

    The ATO began 2016–17 with an operating expense budget of $3.5 billion. During the year, our funding changed as a result of the following measures:

    • Tax Integrity – improve the transparency of taxation debts ($1.4 million)
    • Working Holiday Makers – employer register and compliance ($2 million)
    • Tax Integrity Package – establishing the Tax Avoidance Taskforce ($3.8 million)
    • Applying GST to Low Value Goods Imported by Consumers (a reduction of $0.6 million).

    The overall internal result for 2016–17 was an operating surplus of $4.2 million, or 0.13% of budget (excluding end-of-year non-cash accounting adjustments made for our financial statements).

    Figure 2.2 Operating expenditure, 2016-17

    Image showing the ATO’s operating expenditure for 2016–17 as percentages, being: labour 52.7%, technology 12.5%, consultants and contractors 10%, property 7.8%, depreciation 5.4%, other 3.1%, bank fees and collection charges 2.6%, legal costs 1.9%, printing, postage and office operations 1.5%, payment to other agencies for tax administration services 1.5%, travel 1%.
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