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  • How we report on our performance

    This part of the annual report looks at our overall performance in achieving our purpose in fostering willing participation in the tax and superannuation systems. This includes how we are making it easier and more tailored for our clients, being professional and productive in supporting our people, and managing our financial affairs. We discuss our performance in four main sections.

    Fostering willing participation

    This section focuses on how we have performed for each of our main client groups:

    • Individuals – approximately 10.9 million, not including those who report business income
    • Small businesses – 3.8 million, including sole traders, registered in the tax system
    • Privately owned and wealthy groups – approximately 232,000 groups linked to over 1.2 million entities or individuals
    • Public and multinational businesses – approximately 34,000 operating in Australia
    • Not-for-profit organisations – approximately 194,000 registered with the ATO
    • Super funds – 597,000 self-managed and some 250 APRA-regulated super funds
    • Tax professionals and other intermediaries – over 33,800 registered and active tax and BAS agents.

    We are committed to putting taxpayers at the centre of everything we do and making it as easy as possible for them to get things right and difficult not to. To do this, we are continuing to engage with each of these groups to understand their circumstances and provide the services and support they need.

    Our approach is based on the belief that Australians value the tax and superannuation systems as an essential part of effective government. They know that fair and efficient tax and superannuation systems, based on self-assessment, depend on people’s willingness to participate. Willingness to participate is driven by community perceptions of the integrity and complexity of the tax and superannuation systems and of the ATO’s integrity and professionalism. The four key indicators of participation we consider for each client group are:

    • correctly registering in the tax and superannuation systems
    • lodging tax information on time
    • reporting complete and accurate information
    • paying tax obligations on time.

    This section of the report includes the profile of each client group, the progress we have made in making it easier for them to meet their tax and superannuation obligations, and our approach to delivering more tailored and contemporary services.

    Also important in fostering willing participation are the cross-cutting measures and deterrents in protecting the integrity of the system, supporting our clients with advice and guidance and managing resolution of disputes, and developing policy outcomes. These are covered in the last four topics in this section.

    People, systems and operations

    The focus of this section is on our professionalism, capability and productivity. This includes how we are supporting our staff to deliver the services the community expects and needs, how we are getting the most from our data resources, and how we are managing our technology and systems.

    Information and outcomes relating to our tax payment performance and revenue collection activities are also provided.

    Annual performance statement

    The annual performance statement reflects our progress in achieving our purpose. It reports on the performance criteria set out in our 2016–17 corporate plan and Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS). This section reports on all of the programs we manage, including the Australian Business Register and administered programs. An overall summary is included and outlines any environmental influences or considerations pertaining to our outcomes. The overall outcome of the four indicators of participation is also provided.

    Financial performance

    This section focuses on how we managed our budget for the year, with a summary of the funds allocated to the ATO through the PBS and our total payments.

    Detailed financial statements are provided in Part 4 of this report.

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