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  • Administered reconciliation schedule

    Administered reconciliation schedule for the period ended 30 June 2017
      2017$'m 2016$'m
    Opening assets less liabilities as at 1 July1   22,852 20,587
    Adjustments to equity
    FTB equity transfer 70 52
    HELP equity transfer 173 85
    SFSS equity transfer - 1
    Net (cost of)/contribution by services
    Income1 369,375 350,401
    Expenses (17,817) (15,550)
    Transfers (to)/from Australian Government
    Appropriation transfers from Official Public Account
    Annual appropriations - -
    Special appropriations (unlimited)1   102,537   102,198
    Appropriation transfers to OPA
    Transfers to OPA (451,583) (434,922)
    Closing assets less liabilities as at 30 June   25,607 22,852
    1 Prior year adjustments have been made to these numbers. Refer to Overview.

    Accounting Policy

    Administered Cash Transfers to and from the Official Public Account

    Revenue collected by the ATO for use by the Government rather than the ATO is administered revenue. Collections are transferred to the Official Public Account (OPA) maintained by the Department of Finance. Cash, on the other hand, is drawn from the OPA to make payments under Parliamentary appropriation on behalf of the Government. These transfers to and from the OPA are adjustments to the administered cash held by the ATO on behalf of the Government and are reported in the schedule of administered cash flows and in the administered reconciliation schedule.

    The above statement should be read in conjunction with the accompanying notes.

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