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  • Fair Value Measurement

    Fair value measurements at the end of the reporting period

    Note 5A: Fair Value Measurement
      2017$'000 2016$'000
    Non-financial assets2,3  
    Plant and Equipment1 65,024 62,617
    Leasehold Improvements1 211,310 225,955
    Total non-financial assets 276,334 288,572
    1 No non-financial assets were measured at fair value on a non-recurring basis as at 30 June 2017 (2016: Nil).
    2 The ATO's assets are held for operational purposes and not held for the purposes of deriving a profit. The current use of all non-financial assets is considered their highest and best use.
    3 The ATO has a total of $6.9million (2016: $11.9 million) Assets Under Construction (AUC) relating to Leasehold Improvement (LHI) assets of $5.0 million (2016: $9.2 million) and Plant and Equipment assets of $1.9 million (2016: $2.7 million). The AUCs are carried at historical cost and are materially at fair value.
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