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  • Activities

    We undertake a range of activities to support the delivery of the tax and superannuation systems. Outputs include information assistance services, processing and assurance activities, along with internal services for our own staff.

    TABLE 5.11 ATO activities and outputs, 2014–15 to 2016–17(a)
    2014–15 2015–16 2016–17
    Information and assistance services
    Number of non-digital, inbound customer service interactions 11,652,688
    Number provided of:
    • interpretative guidance products
    39,200 43,000 45,000
    • private rulings
    8,300 9,400 7,300
    Number of disputed cases resolved:
    • objections
    26,200 26,700 24,500
    • settlements
    1,000 1,350 648
    • litigations
    750 480 408
    • alternative dispute resolution processes
    156 111 86
    • independent reviews
    14 8 12
    Number of test case litigations finalised 9 8 2
    Proportion of objections that result in litigation(b)   15.8 per thousand 15.1 per thousand
    Average age of disputes 65 days
    • completed
    94 days  
    • on hand
    138 days  
    Obligations and entitlements processing  
    Number of registrations processed 1.5 million 1.5 million 1.7 million
    Number of returns, statements and forms processed 43.0 million (excludes superannuation forms)   92.3 million 97.9 million
    Number of taxpayers who meet their lodgment obligations for:
    • income tax returns
    87.8% 88.0% 88.5%
    • activity statements
    90.8% 90.5% 88.2%
    Proportion of tax returns lodged electronically 93.4% 95.5% 96.3%
    Number of payments processed 23.0 million 24.1 million 25.2 million
    Proportion of payments made and received through electronic channels 95.4% 96.5% 97.5%
    Revenue assurance  
    Number of refunds issued 11.0 million 13.0 million 13.0 million
    Number of compliance audits, reviews and other checks undertaken 4.7 million 3.8 million 3.1 million
    Number of international information exchanges:
    • incoming
    233 409(c)   517
    • outgoing
    281 282(c)   427
    Value of tax collected:
    • gross
    $432.3 billion $440.0 billion $458.4 billion
    • net
    $336.8 billion $342.6 billion $359.3 billion
    Value of refunds paid $95.5 billion $97.4 billion $99.1 billion
    Variation of actual administered expenses to budgeted administered expenses $720.7 million above original Budget forecast   $47.5 million above original Budget forecast   $196 million below original Budget forecast  
    Value of compliance liabilities as a result of compliance audits, reviews and other checks:
    • raised
    $13.5 billion $13.8 billion $15.6 billion
    • collected
    $9.6 billion $9.6 billion $10.2 billion
    Value of penalties and interest collected $2.4 billion $2.4 billion $3.6 billion
    Ratio of debt uneconomical to pursue to ATO net cash collections 0.4%
    Securing retirement income  
    Number of lost superannuation accounts 1.4 million 591,622 628,658
    Number of ATO-held superannuation accounts(d)   4.8 million 5.1 million 5.7 million
    Proportion of member contribution statements lodged on time(e)   99.9% 98.9%
    Proportion of employers and funds conforming with the SuperStream data and payment standard 100% of APRA funds;77% of SMSFs;98% of medium to large employers; 70% of small employers 100% of APRA funds; % of SMSFs; 9% of medium to large employers; 70% of small employers  
    Number of excess contributions determinations issued 52,400 96,525 80,384
    Number of Division 293 tax assessments issued 118,500 137,673 139,562
    Proportion of excess contributions issued within 6 months of ATO receiving all relevant information 88% 94.5% 97.2%
    Proportion of self-managed superannuation funds with contraventions reported by approved SMSF auditors compared to the total number of self-managed superannuation funds 1.6%(f)   1.4%(g)  
    Value of lost superannuation accounts $13.6 billion $11.7 billion $14.1 billion
    Value of ATO-held superannuation accounts(d)   $2.7 billion $3.2 billion $3.8 billion
    Value of excess contributions determinations issued $324.8 million $789.3 million $632.8 million
    Value of Division 293 tax assessments issued $378.9 million $504.1 million $512.0 million
    Reduction in cost (to industry) of processing across the superannuation system(h)   (i)   8%
    Business, partner and government interactions  
    Proportion of draft legislation which is assured before introduction to Parliament 91.2% 86.5%
    Effectiveness of public advice issued * In particular, in 2016–17, responses showed:
    • the level of detail we are providing is improving
    • 3 out of 4 clients were completely or mostly able to find the guidance they needed
    • significant improvements in our guidance being helpful to clients and applying to their specific circumstances.
    The external client survey results are positive overall, showing that we are improving the client experience in relation to our advice and guidance. The external survey results are positive overall. The perceptions of our public advice and guidance improved in nearly all areas compared with last financial year.*
    Corporate services  
    Rate of unscheduled absence (days) 14.9 14.4 13.2
    Employee perceptions of senior leadership 51% 48% 49%

    – = Performance measure is new, has not previously been reported in the annual report for the given years, has not been reported using the same methodology, or has been retired.

    (a) Some items reported for 2016–17 (eg Proportion of tax returns lodged electronically) relate to the 2015–16 tax year.
    (b) Previously reported as proportion of disputes resulting in litigations.
    (c) See Appendix 13 for the correction to the 2015–16 published result.
    (d) ATO-held super accounts include unclaimed super money and Superannuation Holding Accounts (SHA) special account.
    (e) Of those member contribution statements lodged by large APRA-regulated funds.
    (f) Relates to contraventions reported for 2013–14 as at 30 June 2016.
    (g) Relates to contraventions reported for 2014–15 as at 30 June 2017.
    (h) In 2010, the unit cost of processing (average cost of processing contributions and rollovers) was estimated as $2.76. There has been a nearly 60% reduction since 2010.
    (i) Estimated annual unit cost of (average cost of processing contributions and rollovers) began in the 2015–16 financial year, making 2016–17 the first year we could calculate an annual reduction

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