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  • Operating expense budget

    The ATO commenced 2017–18 with an operating expense budget excluding depreciation of $3.3 billion. During the year, our funding changed as a result of the following measures:

    • National Business Simplification Initiative – modernising business registers ($1.2 million)
    • Superannuation Guarantee Integrity Package – modernising payroll and superannuation fund reporting ($7.0 million)
    • Superannuation Guarantee Integrity Package – more effective collection of Superannuation Guarantee liabilities ($0.5 million)
    • Superannuation Guarantee Integrity Package – Superannuation Guarantee Compliance Taskforce ($1.6 million)
    • VET Student Loans – separation from the Higher Education Loan Program ($0.5 million)
    • Digital Transformation Agenda – Stage One and establishment of the Digital Transformation Office, return of funds (a reduction of $1.6 million)
    • Treasury Portfolio – efficiencies (a reduction of $9.7 million).

    The ATO’s 2017–18 financial result was an operating deficit of $36.1 million, or 1% of budget. (The result excludes depreciation. Refer to strategic objective F1 in the annual performance statement and our financial statements in Part 3 of this report for detailed information.)

    The ATO’s consolidated result, including ACNC was a deficit of $37.5 million. The ACNC deficit is offset against the balance of the ACNC special account.

    FIGURE 2.4 Operating expenditure, 2017–18

    The ATO’s operating expenditure as percentages were: labour 55.3%, technology 12.4%, consultants and contractors 8.3%, property 7.5%, depreciation 5.5%, other 3.1%, bank fees and collection charges 2.5%, legal costs 1.8%, printing, postage and office operations 1.5%, payment to other agencies for tax administration services 1.4%, travel 0.7%

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