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  • Applying

    This information will help you learn more about how to apply for our Graduate program.

    On this page:

    Application process

    • Applications open
    • Lodge your application
    • Your application will be received by the ATO
    • Your application will be reviewed by the ATO
    • You will be informed if you have progressed to the next stage
    • You will then be assessed online and face-to-face
    • We will make a preliminary decision (progression or rejection)
    • We will undertake final checks
    • Successful applicants will receive your offer

    When to lodge

    We accept Graduate program applications once a year.

    Applications for the 2018 Graduate program have now closed.

    Selection Criteria

    • Strategic thinking  
      • Focuses strategically
      • Shows judgment, intelligence and common sense
    • Achieves results  
      • Builds organisational capability and responsiveness
      • Ensures closure and delivers on intended results
    • Productive working relationships  
      • Nurtures internal and external relationships
    • Personal drive and integrity  
      • Demonstrates public service professionalism and probity
      • Displays resilience
      • Demonstrates self-awareness and a commitment to personal development
    • Communicates with influence  
      • Communicates clearly
      • Listens, understands and adapts to audience
      • Negotiates persuasively
    • Demonstrates technical knowledge  
      • Core technical knowledge and skills relevant to your degree
      • Ability to further develop the capabilities required for your role in the ATO

    About lodging your application

    When completing the online application you will be asked to provide your:

    • personal information
    • current academic transcript (as an attachment – maximum 3MB)
    • employment details
    • resume (as an attachment – maximum 3MB)
    • referees
    • statement verifying recognition of your qualifications if you have overseas qualifications (as an attachment – maximum 3MB).


    • Have this information ready when you start your application.
    • Save your application regularly to ensure you don't lose any data (the page will time out if inactive for more than 30 minutes).

    How to lodge

    Applications for the 2018 Graduate program have now closed.

     Follow the directions on the site to complete your application.

    Once you've lodged your online application, you'll receive an email confirmation. If you don't receive an acknowledgment email, you can check it has been received by logging in to e-Recruitment and selecting My profile then View emails.

    After you lodge your application, you'll be able to log in to e-Recruitment and update your personal and referee details at any time. However, you will not be able to change any other details in your application. If there are significant issues that affect the information in your application, email us at

    Reviewing your application

    Once you've lodged your application, we will keep you updated about your progress.

    We assess the suitability of candidates to undertake the duties of the job, using a competitive selection process.

    The suitability of your degree will be assessed before your attendance at the assessment centre, should you progress.

    You will receive an email advising of your application status after it has been assessed.

    Assessment activities

    If you progress to the next round, you'll be required to undertake three assessment activities:

    • online cognitive ability assessments designed to test your analytical, conceptual, problem solving and reasoning skills
    • a video interview to assess your suitability and interest in the ATO Graduate program
    • an assessment centre including a group activity, a written task and a behavioural interview designed to further assess your suitability and interest in the ATO Graduate program.

    You will need to perform strongly in each assessment in order to progress to the next stage.

    Preliminary decision

    At this point, your performance from all assessment stages of the process will be reviewed and your suitability determined.

    Final checks

    If your application is successful:

    • You will receive a phone call to confirm your availability for the Graduate program. This is not an official offer.
    • We will confirm you are or will be an Australian citizenExternal Link by January 2018.
    • We will conduct a number of pre-employment checks – any offer of employment will be subject to the results of the enquiries being satisfactory.
    • You will need to have a satisfactory integrity check that will be carried out before you start working with us. An integrity check involves checking police records, confirming your identity and asking you to complete a declaration of secrecy form and compliance with tax and superannuation obligations. Additional checks may also be necessary.
    • If the work requires you to have access to classified material, you may also need a formal security clearance assessment.


    We anticipate making offers of employment in September 2017.

    After we have confirmed your availability and have obtained a satisfactory integrity check, we will send you a formal offer. You must provide us with evidence of your completed, conferred or awarded university educational qualifications prior to your commencement date. We plan to start the program in early February 2018.

    Note: You will not be able to defer your start date to later in the year, or to subsequent years.

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