• Frequently asked questions

    Application process

    When is the cut-off date to submit my application?

    12 April 2017

    Who can I contact if I have an enquiry about these jobs or the application process?

    Email us at: EntryLevelPrograms@ato.gov.au

    Can I lodge a late application?

    Late applications are not accepted.

    Register for job alerts at apsjobs.gov.auExternal Link so you are alerted when applications open.

    What qualification do I need?

    You must:

    • be in the final year of your degree, or have completed your university studies within 3 years, at the time of your application (1 March 2014 - January 2018)
    • provide evidence of completion prior to commencement of the program.

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    Where will I be working?

    We are located in all capital cities and some regional locations across the country.

    You'll be working in the city nominated within your official letter of offer, however if you accept a position in a major city, you'll be expected to work in any of our offices within the greater metropolitan area. This is to gain experience and exposure to the different work these offices undertake.

    Depending on our business requirements at the time, your rotation and workplace placement at the end of the program may be in any of our locations within the greater metropolitan area of the city you're in.

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    Graduate program

    What type of support do graduates get?

    Our Graduate program has four dedicated areas to assist in your development.

    First, you'll have a program manager who will manage your overall development and performance within the program. Our trainers will deliver the different training components of the program.

    You'll also have a team leader in each work rotation to support and assist you while you're working in their area.

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    How will my performance be evaluated?

    Your program manager liaises with your workplace team leader and trainers to evaluate your performance. You'll develop a performance tracking document, which is called Compass, and this is renewed in each new work rotation. When this agreement is put into place, your performance is discussed and reviewed. This is all part of the developmental nature of our program.

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    Is it possible to undertake external study while on the graduate program?

    We do not encourage further external study during the Graduate program. Graduates can expect a challenging year and may need to complete some aspects of the program in their own time.

    Do I have to work in Canberra?

    No, the program recruits nationally.

    What locations are you offering positions in for the 2018 Graduate program?

    We are looking for graduates in the following locations:

    • Adelaide
    • Albury
    • Brisbane
    • Canberra
    • Gosford
    • Hobart
    • Melbourne
    • Newcastle
    • Sydney
    • Perth
    • Townsville
    • Wollongong.

    If I need to relocate, will you give me any assistance?

    If you're not offered a place in your home location and we request you to relocate to another site, we may provide financial assistance to help cover removal costs (including insurance) under certain conditions and at the delegate's discretion.

    What’s the social life like at the ATO?

    Joining us through the Graduate program means you join with a group of graduates all doing a similar program. This will give you an excellent social and networking base. In some sites, there are social networks of graduates from across the APS who participate in a range of social events.

    In addition, most sites have active social clubs. A range of events are often coordinated locally including sporting competitions and teams, family fun days and happy hours.

    The national network of social clubs hosts a sports carnival every two to three years. You can represent your site and state in events, or just come along to enjoy the friendly atmosphere.

    What happens at the end of my graduate year?

    If you successfully complete the program, you'll be eligible for further advancement to the next APS work classification level (APS 4). You may have the opportunity to be involved in a mentoring program, apply for further external study and start your first career-launching placement in the ATO.

    Can I choose the location of my post-program placement?

    The location you started the program in will be the location of your post-program placement.

    We take several factors into account when making decisions about post-program placements, including our business requirements at the time. This means your post program placement may be in any of our offices within the greater metropolitan area of your city.

    Can I join the ATO without being a graduate?

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