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    Accounting and commerce

    Steven Han

    Steven Han

    I have a Bachelor in Commerce and a Masters in Finance and was accepted into the ATO Graduate program. Judging from the experience I had in the Graduate program, the ATO is definitely a great place to start your career.

    The things that attracted me the most to the program was the vibrant workplace culture, the people, the diversified development opportunities and future career prospects.

    The projects I worked on in both my work rotations were rewarding and challenging. I was constantly encouraged to think outside the box and be innovative.

    My first rotation was in the Service Delivery team, where I worked on projects designed to enhance the taxpayer experience in the tax and super system. I felt a real sense of achievement being part of the initiative to improve the citizen-government interactions for all Australians.

    My second placement was working in an active compliance team. I was given my own compliance case in the second week of the rotation. I learnt more about tax in a month in the ATO than six months at university.

    I would encourage new graduates to actively put their hands up for difficult tasks. The process will be intriguing, but the initiatives will be well supported by peers. At the end, it’s all worth it.


    Erika Raymundo

    Grad Erica Raymundo

    As a STEM graduate, I wanted a career that would utilise and develop the skills I gained at university. These days, thanks to the ATO Graduate Program, instead of dealing with Greek letters and rearranging equations, I’m writing programs that automate a process, produce data visualisations and create statistical models. The majority of what I do focuses on interpreting data in a meaningful way – it’s certainly interesting and I’m constantly being challenged.

    My rotation in the analytics stream has opened up many opportunities for me. The ATO is quite a large organisation so there are always ways to improve the systems in place. It’s incredibly rewarding to be part of an organisation that embraces the idea of reinvention.

    The ATO Graduate Program offers a variety of experiences. During the year, I undertook analytics training, tax technical training, worked as a customer service representative and attended a multitude of grad-specific events. As a result, I’ve broadened my perspective and network.

    My advice to future graduates is to keep an open mind. Regardless of your skillset or background you can make a meaningful contribution if you take the initiative and make the most of the situation. Don’t be afraid to try new things!


    Angela Tsui

    Grad Angela Tsui

    I couldn’t think of a better place to undertake a graduate program than the ATO. Coming from a graphic design background, it’s important to keep in touch with industry trends and processes – areas the ATO is quite progressive in.

    The ATO Graduate Program was an enriching experience and I furthered my knowledge in a collaborative and insightful learning environment.

    One of the many ways the ATO fostered my growth as a designer was through experiences that challenged my way of thinking and expanded my skillset. I was given opportunities to delve into the world of design thinking, user-centred design and service design, and contribute to diverse, challenging and meaningful work.

    I’ve cultivated great friendships through the program, with other graduates and people I worked with in my rotation areas. I’ve been fortunate to work with individuals who are just as excited and enthusiastic about the variety of opportunities the ATO has to offer.

    It’s been an exciting journey and I definitely recommend this program to designers out there wondering if they should apply. 

    Economics or finance

    Veronique Michel

    Veronique Michel

    I applied to the ATO Graduate program as I wanted a change from the private sector, and was attracted to the ATO’s organisational values, as well as the opportunities it had to offer.

    With an economics and finance background, my first rotation was in the Finance and Investment Centre of Expertise and my second rotation was in the in Corporate Finance team.

    The highlights of the program included intensive, high quality tax technical training, the opportunity to work on exciting projects and to have a mentor after the Graduate program. I also enjoyed joining different clubs in the ATO, particularly the Toastmasters club to improve my communication skills.

    After the Graduate program, I joined the Resource Rent Tax project to be involved in business reporting.

    My advice to future applicants is to be resilient and to embrace change. I aspire to always do things better and work in an environment where I can fully develop at both a personal and professional level. The ATO Graduate program was a great springboard.

    Information technology

    Apoorva Maheshwari

    Grad Apoorva Maheshwari

    Before joining the graduate program, I worked at the ATO as an ICT cadet while studying Information Technology at University of Canberra.  Despite having 2 years of work experience at ATO, I was still keen in joining the graduate program.

    I applied for the graduate program to continue enhancing my IT knowledge in Enterprise Solutions and Technology capability within ATO. I knew there was a lot to learn in the big world of IT at the ATO. There were certain areas I wanted to work in and I knew this was the right opportunity for it.

    In my time at ATO, I have been exposed to the friendly APS work culture, large IT projects and made great networks.  I really enjoyed the training we gained during our group projects, call centre and rotation work.  I will take all these learnings and contribute towards the ATO Reinvention Programme.

    For future applicants, I would advise to take upon new opportunities that arise and develop great networks. There is so much to learn and develop at the ATO which will help enhance your abilities and skills.


    Joseph Ayoub

    Grad Joseph Ayoub

    Having practised as a lawyer for a little over 12 months, I wanted to be part of an organisation that would challenge me and provide an opportunity to develop my capabilities.

    During the first six months of the ATO Graduate Program, I had the opportunity to research different policy areas and provide advice as part of a team.

    My legal analytical skills have been put to the test in Tax Counsel Network (TCN) where I provided advice on the operation of different laws. Although this role required me to strengthen my knowledge of tax law, I was still encouraged and supported to engage with other areas of the law.

    The ATO Graduate Program also offers a broad range of training opportunities that have contributed to my professional and personal development. I’ve had the unique opportunity to engage with a variety of colleagues throughout the organisation, developing a network that continually provides advice and support.

    The ATO Graduate Program has encouraged me to develop my skills and knowledge, challenged me to broaden my capabilities and contributed to the development of my future career.

    Marketing and communications

    Joshua Southwell

    Grad Joshua Southwell

    I was offered a position in the 2016 ATO Graduate Program pending completion of my Bachelor of Commerce/Arts degree with majors in Marketing and Psychology. Eight months in, I’ve found the program’s rotation system meshes well with my multifaceted study. By engaging with several teams, I’ve gained an appreciation for the diverse work undertaken by the ATO, and have built wide-reaching networks.

    My first rotation was in the Individuals audience communications team where I worked on strategies to inform taxpayers about the tools available to help them manage their tax and super. My second rotation was in the ATO’s Public Affairs branch, a faster-paced environment which required many projects to be completed in a matter of hours rather than weeks. In both cases, I was given primary responsibility for several projects.

    I also contributed to a number of projects as part of the Graduate Program. These provided a broad range of challenges, but also opportunities to engage with our fellow graduates in other locations, providing insight into managing substantive projects across teams and sites alike.

    There really is a lot of capacity for you to shape your own experience in the ATO Graduate Program, and you’ll be surprised with the opportunities available to you.

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