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    What we offer

    We offer:

    • an intensive 12-month program
    • challenging work rotations to develop your skills and explore different areas of interest
    • a program manager to support you professionally and personally throughout the year
    • dedicated training and development opportunities
    • a competitive starting salary of around $58,000
    • advancement upon successful completion
    • flexible working arrangements
    • an excellent social and networking base with fellow graduates.

    On successful completion of the Graduate program, you'll:

    • be positioned in an ongoing role that is relevant to your discipline
    • advance to the next classification level APS4
    • on successful advancement be paid a salary of $64,605 with excellent superannuation benefits
    • continue to receive a wide range of employee benefits, including four weeks annual leave, annual salary advancement, flexible working hours and excellent super benefits.

    Your graduate year gives you an unmatched opportunity to develop networks and professional contacts, along with friendships with a range of people.

    Work rotations

    During your work rotations, you will build networks and identify work types that interest you.

    Over 12 months, you will complete:

    • two different work rotations
    • a client-contact component to give you exposure to different facets of the organisation.

    What did you study?

    We offer tailored Graduate programs for a range of degrees and areas of study.

    These include:

    • accounting/commerce
    • design
    • economics
    • finance
    • human resource management
    • information technology
    • law
    • marketing/communications
    • STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or statistics.

    Accounting or commerce

    You can play an important role in providing world-leading financial and accounting advice on our tax and super systems.

    Our accounting area undertakes a major program of activities to support the community to meet their tax and super obligations.

    We aim to maximise the number of Australians who voluntarily choose to comply with their tax obligations and to implement strategies to deter non-compliance.

    Working with us will provide you with the opportunity to be involved in the implementation of new policy and government initiatives.

    You'll help people by clarifying their issues, interpreting the law, and providing information through rulings, marketing campaigns and educational products. You'll also respond to written and personal enquiries.

    You could work in areas dealing with:

    • Public groups and internationals
    • Private groups and high wealth individuals
    • Small business and individual taxpayers
    • Tax practitioners, lodgement strategy and compliance support Indirect tax
    • Superannuation
    • Smarter data program
    • ATO finance
    • Law design
    • Review and dispute resolution.

    You'll have the opportunity to work with internal partners about:

    • financial analysis and reporting
    • accounting advice on new measures and taxes
    • revenue forecasts, costings and advice on tax revenue and tax data issues.

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    We have a strong service design capability that offers exciting opportunities for design graduates. You could work with our team of internal designers – a team of like-minded creative individuals – on exciting initiatives that make a real difference to the Australian community.

    We partner with our clients to design experiences that keep the user at the centre of the process; balancing their needs with organisational vision and government agenda to deliver optimal outcomes.

    Our designers work in multi-disciplinary teams to design new or improved products, services, systems and processes. They explore opportunities to improve administrative practices and in doing so, our designers play an important role in fostering willing participation in our tax and superannuation systems.

    Core capabilities include:

    • communication and presentation skills
    • empathy
    • ability to facilitate conversations
    • ability to create an end-to-end view considering the entire eco-system
    • ability to synthesise available data to provide insights and identify opportunities
    • storytelling
    • visualisation (either through diagramming, storyboarding, or information design).

    The attributes we look for in our designers include:

    • the ability to work collaboratively
    • analytical problem solving
    • team players
    • energy to take on varied work
    • inquisitiveness to challenge the status quo
    • passionate about making a difference
    • flexibility in design approach
    • being comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty.

    We want to engage people who have a degree or majors in:

    • Bachelor of Design
    • Bachelor of Graphic Design
    • Bachelor of Industrial Design
    • Bachelor of Human Sciences/Organisational Psychology
    • Bachelor of Social Sciences
    • Master of Design Futures
    • Bachelor of Multimedia Design
    • Bachelor of Arts/Fine Arts
    • Bachelor of Information Systems/Information Technology
    • Bachelor of Interaction Design.

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    If you have a degree in economics you will be exposed to a wide range of business lines in the ATO including:

    • aggressive tax planning
    • compliance support and capability
    • indirect tax
    • integrated tax design
    • private groups and high wealth individuals
    • public groups and international
    • serious non-compliance
    • small business and individual taxpayers
    • service delivery support
    • smarter data
    • superannuation.

    Some examples of economic advice on micro-economic and macro-economics issues include:

    • analysis of price, profit and other outcomes arising from commercial and business contexts
    • identification and analysis of specific economic cause and effect relationships
    • analysis of taxpayer decision making, which may include examining internal and external factors such as preferences, available options, market context, regulatory framework and the tax environment
    • analysis of patterns and trends in taxpayer and industry performance in the context of wider market and economic cycles risk assessment and case selection
    • analysis of the economic impacts and compliance issues arising from tax policy.

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    Graduates play an important role in providing world-leading financial advice on the management of the ATO resources and accounting systems. Our finance professionals manage the resources of one of the largest government departments and the principle revenue collection agency in Australia. The way we manage our resources and account to government on our performance is critical in maintaining community confidence in the Australian revenue system.

    You will be part of a team of dedicated professionals that provide a range of financial services to support our organisational decision-making processes.

    You could work in areas dealing with:

    • Commonwealth budget processes
    • internal budgeting and forecasting
    • financial analysis and reporting
    • preparation of financial statements
    • accounting advice on new measures and taxes
    • expense and revenue forecasts, costings and advice on tax revenue and tax data issues
    • corporate procurement
    • financial policy and assurance.

    Finance professionals work closely with a number of key external stakeholders including:

    • Department of Finance and Deregulation
    • Department of Treasury
    • Australian National Audit Office
    • Our internal clients include members of the senior executive, managers and staff within each of our business areas.

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    Human resource management

    The ATO is not recruiting graduates for the human resource management discipline for our 2018 graduate program.

    Information technology

    You can contribute to developing and supporting contemporary technology solutions for ATO staff and the community.

    Enterprise Solutions and Technology (EST) business group are tasked with ‘running the business’ and supporting our workforce in the tools and systems they use, as well as providing the systems and information used in the community. We partner with business lines and our external service providers to design, build, test and maintain the IT systems, tools, services and infrastructure that underpin ATO’s operations.

    In recent years we have seen growing demand for digital services, greater speed to market with deliverables and changing customer demand for digital services including 24/7 requirements. New technology solutions continue to emerge rapidly such as Cloud services and mobile on-line technologies. Our challenge is to keep being contemporary as complexity grows.

    Our aim is to become an intelligent and agile organisation that is adaptable in a changing digital world.

    You could work in areas dealing with:

    • IT strategy
    • Architecture design processes
    • Information management
    • Applications development
    • Risk management
    • Project management
    • IT and information security.

    We want to engage people who have a degree or majors in one of the following areas:

    • IT
    • computer science
    • software engineering
    • business informatics
    • business systems
    • information systems
    • computing
    • other relevant IT degrees and double degrees.

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    Our professionals provide technical leadership for our organisation and promote certainty of law interpretation for taxpayers, their advisors, Department of Treasury and government. We establish and maintain the ATO’s view of existing tax laws and oversee processes to ensure consistency and timeliness of tax technical decisions.

    We also help shape the development of new laws by working with the Department of Treasury, providing high quality advice on policy proposals and implementation of new law.

    As part of a team your work opportunities include:

    • having an influential role in shaping tax law, policy and design
    • managing our litigation cases and clarifying the law
    • managing interpretative advice and guidance
    • enhancing our relationships with professional bodies, consultative forums and the community
    • Working with other business areas across the ATO to resolve complex issues and clarify the law.

    You could work in areas dealing with:

    • legal advice
    • law interpretation
    • policy and law design
    • dispute resolution (including early intervention and alternate).

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    Marketing or communications

    Our Marketing and Communication capability designs, develops and implements high-quality communication products and services for a wide range of audiences using multiple channels.

    We are looking for graduates who have skills in:

    • communication strategy
    • Campaign design, development and implementation
    • internal and external communication
    • writing and editing
    • social media
    • media and public relations
    • Relationship/Stakeholder Management
    • Market Research
    • product development – graphic design, multimedia, website design and publishing
    • managing brand.

    We are looking for people with a degree or major in one or more of the following areas:

    • advertising
    • marketing or public relations
    • communications
    • media production
    • journalism
    • writing or editing
    • design or equivalent (for example, graphic, web, digital or industrial).

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    STEM or statistics

    Analytics is recognised as a key pillar in our digital transformation. As an organisation we continue to use data in smarter ways to improve decisions, services, and compliance using a wide range of analytic capabilities and technologies.

    We are increasingly making use of data science with advanced analytics – techniques such as predictive modelling, machine learning, data mining and prescriptive analytics – to optimise services to taxpayers, improve the client experience, and protect revenue.

    With this organisational focus on analytics, you will have the opportunity to work across the ATO to deliver a range of outcomes for the community including:

    • quantitative analysis around revenue collection
    • developing models to better understand risk and opportunity
    • workload forecasting across multiple work types, aimed at ensuring the best client experience
    • using analytics to prescribe the next best action when interacting with taxpayers and developing self-service analytics that enable leaders and analysts to understand performance
    • accounting advice on new measures and taxes.

    We are looking for graduates who have skills in:

    • physics
    • text analytics, natural language processing, linguistics
    • decision science, cognitive science, cognitive computing
    • statistics
    • machine learning
    • financial mathematics
    • mathematical modelling
    • econometrics
    • analytics/data mining
    • operations research
    • any other related quantitative discipline.

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