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    This information will help you learn more about how we mentor and support our employees during the Graduate program.

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    How we support you

    During your Graduate program, you'll have the opportunity to learn from experienced staff in your training and work rotation areas, and be guided and mentored by them.

    We provide support to our graduates at a professional and personal level, through a number of people, including:

    • your program manager – supports and guides your probation, approves your leave, recommends appropriate work placements, as well as providing advice and support on any issues or concerns you may encounter
    • trainers –offer support through the facilitation of courses, assessment marking and feedback, and provide additional tutoring and support to address any technical training related questions
    • rotation team leaders –support you in your workplace area, and teach you the technical skills and use of IT systems relevant to your role. They will assist you to build your workplace capabilities and knowledge
    • graduate peers –provide valuable support through the many training and assessment activities you'll undertake together
    • a support buddy – a former graduate who can answer questions and give you tips on settling into the ATO
    • former graduates.

    Each of these people could act as a workplace mentor, and will play a different support role throughout the program, with your program manager being your key support throughout the year.

    Performance indicators

    Your program manager liaises with your workplace team leader and trainers to evaluate your performance.

    You'll develop a performance tracking document (called Compass) with your program manager and your rotation team leader. This is renewed in each new work rotation. When this agreement is put into place, your performance is discussed and reviewed.

    This is all part of the developmental nature of our program.

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