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  • Information for applicants

    Eligibility to work with us

    An essential aspect of working on behalf of the Australian community is ensuring the highest integrity of our people. All our employees and contractors must agree to integrity checks. Some of our roles require a security clearanceExternal Link.

    Apart from checks conducted prior to engagement, we may conduct further integrity checks during the course of your employment.

    Candidates must possess relevant work-related qualities to be suitable to work for us. As part of assessing your suitability, we consider:

    • your ability to perform the role being filled; we use a range of assessment approaches such as video interviews, online testing, behavioural interviews and assessment centres
    • personal qualities such as honesty and integrity, as well as cultural fit.

    To be eligible for employment with us:

    • you need to be an Australian citizen (at the time you begin with us)
    • you must be compliant with your tax and superannuation obligations
    • you must not work in the tax and superannuation industry (during the course of your employment)
    • you need to satisfy our integrity checks.

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    During the course of your engagement

    All employees or contractors must continue to demonstrate and adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. For example:

    Ready to apply

    Before applying for the job, we recommend you:

    • decide if the ATO is the place for you; we are always on the lookout for motivated and innovative professionals to join our team. We also want you to be sure you'll be a good cultural fit and align with our vision and mission
    • understand what we do and where we're headed by reading more about us
    • self-assess your cultural fit – our people are guided by our cultural traits, of which we have five.

    Next step:

    Watch our short videos that explain our five cultural traits and what they mean to us:

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