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  • e-Recruitment help

    On this page you will find information and hints for using e-Recruitment:

    Registering and logging in

    To register with e-Recruitment:

    • Select 'Job Alert' from the left hand menu.
    • Click on the link.
    • Accept the Privacy Policy.
    • Enter your details and click on 'Save' and 'Next'.

    You can then enter details to receive alerts for any vacancies that meet your criteria.

    When you register you will be asked to provide details including your name, email address and mobile number. You will also be asked to set a password. Select a password that you will remember as you will need this to log into e-Recruitment.

    Once you register you’ll be sent an email with your username and password. Save them for future reference and do not share them with anyone, including your friends or family.

    If you apply for a position with the ATO you may receive communication regarding your application via SMS which will be sent to the mobile number you provided.

    If you're having trouble logging in:

    • Ensure you have spelt your login ID and password correctly.
    • Remember that your login ID is the email address you registered with.
    • If you forget your password, click the link at the top of the login page and submit your email address. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you.

    Emails and job alerts

    System generated emails are issued from and include application receipt emails and job alerts.

    Job alerts allow you to be notified about employment opportunities that match your preferences. This service allows you to select multiple categories and specify whether you’re interested in vacancies that are ongoing, non-ongoing or both.

    If you have set up job alerts but aren't receiving any:

    • Login to e-Recruitment and click on 'Job alerts'.
    • Check that you’ve set your frequency to 'daily' so you’re notified of new vacancies right away.
    • If you make any changes, click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.
    • To check if your profile matches any current vacancies click 'View job matching my alert profile' at the top of the page.

    Completing the application

    Select the job you want to apply for from the online job boardExternal Link and click on the 'Start new application' link under the 'Action' heading.

    You can preview the application form by clicking on the 'Preview application form' link under the 'Action' heading.

    Depending on the role that you are applying for the application form may ask you to provide a written statement(s) that will specify a word limit. It is a good idea to prepare and save your statement(s) in a separate document before copying and pasting the text into e-Recruitment. When pasting in more than one response make sure you save the application regularly.

    If you go over the word limit you’ll get a warning message and you won’t be able to submit your application. Note that the word count in Microsoft Word may give you a different word count to e-Recruitment, especially if you are using bullet points or symbols.

    As part of the application you may be asked to upload a resume. Click on the 'Browse' button on the application form and select the document you want to upload. If you want to make changes to your resume after you upload it, update your resume outside of e-Recruitment and save the new version. Uploading the new version will replace any previous resumes that were uploaded.

    Some mobile devices, like those made by Apple, will not allow you to search their file system for documents like your resume. If you can’t upload a file on your device, use a desktop or laptop computer instead.

    You can save and exit your application and return to it at a later time provided the job hasn't closed. To access your application:

    • Log in to e-Recruitment.
    • Go to 'My profile'.
    • Select 'My job applications'.
    • Select the application you want to return to.

    e-Recruitment uses SSL V3 encryption, which means the information you provide is secure.

    Submitting your application

    You can submit your application by clicking the 'Submit Application' button at the top of the 'Preview and Submit' page and confirming that you're ready to submit it. Make sure you are 100% happy with your application as you can't change it once it has been submitted. This includes any changes to your resume.

    If you've completed your application but can't see the 'Submit Application' button at the top of the page, make sure you've answered all the compulsory questions and clicked 'Save and Continue' for each page of the application form.

    The system will send you an email confirming that the application is submitted. You can also check it has been submitted by going into 'My Profile'. If successful, the application status will have changed to 'submitted'.

    Make sure you submit your application on time. Requests to submit a late application will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and will be assessed on an individual basis.

    If you’re unable to submit your application by the closing date and time, phone the contact officer listed in the candidate information kit to seek approval to submit a late application. You’ll still need to submit your application using e-Recruitment.

    Withdrawing your application

    If you no longer wish to be considered for a position you can withdraw your application at any time after you have submitted it. To withdraw your application:

    • Go to 'My Profile' and click on 'View my application summary' for the position.
    • Click the 'Withdraw Application' button at the top of the application summary page.
    • Confirm your withdrawal on the next page and provide the reason why you are withdrawing.
    • Once you’ve withdrawn you’ll see confirmation on screen, in your history and via email.

    If you start an application but don’t want to submit it, you don't need to withdraw it. An incomplete application will not be considered.

    You cannot withdraw and then reapply for the same position. If you want to make changes to an application you have already submitted phone the contact officer for assistance.

    Accessing previous applications

    You can access previous applications you have submitted by using the 'My Profile' function once you have logged in.

    This allows you to copy previous responses and use them within a new application. Your history will never expire, so each application will be there forever.

    From here you can also find the details of the contact officer for jobs that have closed in the candidate information kit for each job. You can do this for any job you’ve started an application for. Follow these steps:

    • Click 'View my application summary' for the job.
    • Click on the link at the top of your application summary to access the job details.
    • Open the candidate information kit and locate the contact officer's details.

    Technical difficulties

    If you're having trouble applying or submitting online you should phone the contact officer listed in the candidate information kit. They will be able to answer your questions and/or help determine an appropriate way for you to submit your application.

    As with all internet-based applications, the speed of page loads varies. You should be able to submit your application during a busy period or if e-Recruitment seems slow, but you may find each page takes a little longer to load.

    If you’re unable to submit your application due to the speed of your internet connection, advise the contact officer listed in the candidate information kit before the closing time.

    If the page times out while you are completing your application you can check whether it has saved by following these steps:

    • Log out of the system and log back in.
    • Go to 'My Profile' and select 'Access existing application' for the position you are applying for.
    • You can then view at what point your application has been saved.

    Still need help?

    Phone the People Helpline on 13 15 50 or TTY 13 36 77 if you have a hearing impairment.

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