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  • Training and support

    Our Evergreen program is designed to train, support and prepare you for an ongoing career with the ATO.


    Training activities

    As part of the program you will undertake a variety of training activities including:

    • group discussions
    • training workshops
    • on-the-job training
    • research assignments or projects
    • self-assessments
    • case study and scenario analysis.

    Professional skills training

    The professional skills learning part of the training introduces you to our environment, work and people.

    We'll provide you with professional development opportunities to help you work well in the ATO and the public service.

    The program will include training to allow you to obtain a formal qualification.

    More information about professional skills training will be provided during the recruitment process.

    Technical training

    As well as work placements, you'll receive technical training.

    The technical training topics have been selected to be relevant to the work rotation placements you are likely to do during the program and the types of work you may be allocated after the program.


    You'll be appointed a program manager at the commencement of your program. Your program manager will guide you in your professional development and provide you with the tools to help you with your career development.

    For each work rotation, you'll also have a rotation team leader. Your team leader will guide and support you in your specific roles.

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