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  • ATO Regulator Performance Framework

    The Australian Government’s Regulator performance frameworkExternal Link was released in October 2014 by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The framework aims to improve the performance of regulators by establishing a means for Commonwealth regulators to evaluate, in partnership with key stakeholder groups, overall regulatory performance.

    The performance framework key performance indicators (KPIs) in place are:

    1. Unnecessary impediments to the efficient operation of regulated entities are removed.
    2. Communication with regulated entities is clear, targeted and effective.
    3. Actions undertaken by regulators are proportionate to the regulatory risk being managed.
    4. Compliance and monitoring approaches are streamlined and coordinated.
    5. Regulators are open and transparent in their dealings with regulated entities.
    6. Regulators actively contribute to the continuous improvement of regulatory frameworks.

    Evidence metrics

    Evidence metrics have been developed to support our assessment against the mandatory KPIs. Each of the KPIs and underlying evidence metrics are specified within the ATO Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report.

    Annual self-assessment report 2020–21

    Our Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report informs the responsible minister, stakeholders and community of our regulator performance for the past financial year.

    Read our Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report. You can download this document in Portable Document Format (PDF, 564KB)This link will download a file.

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    Enquiries about ATO Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment reports can be directed to

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