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  • GST administration annual performance report 2015–16


    On behalf of the Commissioner of Taxation, I am pleased to present the ATO GST administration annual performance report for 2015–16, a requirement under the GST Administration Performance Agreement.

    Our strong financial performance during 2015–16 allowed us to deliver a high standard of service and implement positive changes for our clients.

    We collected $57.4 billion in net GST cash (excluding non-general interest charge penalties), 5.4% higher than last year. We raised $3.3 billion in GST liabilities through our compliance activities, a 25%1 increase on last year’s outcome. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) raised a further $54.3 million through their compliance activities.

    We achieved a gradual but sustained improvement in payment performance as we continued to make it as easy as possible for businesses to pay on time or address any debt that arises, especially through increased digital service offerings. This resulted in the value of GST liabilities paid on time increasing (up 1.7%) and collectable GST debt decreasing (down 2.6%).

    We released advice on the sharing economy and on providing taxi travel services through ride-sourcing, and maintained our strong focus on the gold bullion and precious metals refining industry. We continued to contribute internationally as a key player in the development of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) guidelines on low value and imported services. The first law change, cross-border suppliesExternal Link, takes effect from 1 October 2016.

    Please refer to the Key Performance section for a summary of our performance. Additional detail can be found throughout this report.

    We have been driving significant change in improving the client and staff experience, improving our organisational performance, and increasing trust and confidence in the GST system. We are committed to improving willing participation. We continued to expand our range of contemporary tools and services, making it easier for our clients to participate and meet their commitments. Some of the new products we delivered in 2015–16 are listed in Meeting our goals.

    We have continued to focus on reducing disputes through settlements, facilitated discussions and using pragmatic solutions. We received 5% fewer GST-related objection cases than last year.

    The GST Voluntary Compliance Program exceeded all revenue commitments again this year and DIBP continued to play an important role in the effective administration of the GST.

    I would like to thank the Treasury, the states and territories representatives on the GST Administration Subcommittee, and the members of the GST Policy and Administration Subgroup, for their ongoing support and advice during the year. John Corlis, the States and Territories representative, retired in November 2015. We wish John well with his future endeavours.

    Tim Dyce

    Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Tax

    1 Previously published figure for GST liabilities through our compliance activities was based on calculations that had been rounded. The current percent is based on figures that have not been rounded.
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