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  • GST administration annual performance report 2017–18


    On behalf of the Commissioner of Taxation, I’m pleased to present the ATO’s GST administration annual performance report for 2017–18.

    Our collections growth this year was 5.5% higher than in 2016–17. We raised $63.1 billion in goods and services (GST) cash, excluding non-general interest charge penalties. A further $3 billion in GST liabilities was raised through our direct compliance activities – a 5.6% increase on last year’s outcome. The Department of Home Affairs (Home Affairs) raised a further $31.1 million through its compliance activities.

    Some legislative changes over the last two–three years – such as GST on digital products and low value imported goods – have changed the risk landscape and affected the administration of GST and value added tax (VAT) globally. From a global perspective we are starting to see that we will need to be more connected, and cooperate and share information to address these issues.

    To support our clients and partners we have focused on early engagement and delivering contemporary digital services such as the Simplified GST registration and reporting system for non-residents and implemented the Simpler BAS reporting and Digital bookkeeping solution.

    We will continue using data in more sophisticated ways, across all areas of our business, for evidence-based decisions, risk management, personalised and tailored services, and targeted enforcement.

    We have a full agenda for 2018–19, but, in summary, we are focused on:

    • building trust and confidence in the tax system
    • delivering on commitments to government through the GST compliance program, low value imported goods, and GST at settlement
    • continuing to manage cross-border GST issues and develop stronger measures.

    I would like to thank the Treasury, the states and territories representatives on the GST Administration Sub-committee (GSTAS) and the GST Policy and Administration Sub-group (GSTPAS), for their ongoing support and advice during the year.

    Tim Dyce

    Deputy Commissioner, Indirect Tax

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