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  • Recommendation 4.4

    With a view to ameliorating the impact of potential valuation disputes, the IGTO recommends that, where it becomes necessary to appoint an independent expert to either critique or conduct a valuation, the ATO adopt a more open process that seeks to accommodate joint appointment with the taxpayer where the parties agree on such aspects of the appointment as:

    • the independent expert to be retained
    • the accepted independence of the agreed expert
    • the requirements of the appointment
    • the issues for expert consideration; and
    • any assumptions which are to be made by the expert.

    ATO response

    We agreed with this recommendation and implementation was completed on 19 November 2013.

    We have issued Practice Statement PS LA 2013/3 - Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in ATO Disputes to replace PS LA 2007/23 (withdrawn effective 31 July 2013).

    Appendix B of PS LA 2013/3 includes additional information addressing circumstances where the parties jointly engage an independent expert to resolve a dispute, including valuation issues.

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