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  • Tax evasion referral centre (TERC)

    Your privacy if you report tax evasion



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    You may make allegations of tax evasion to us by phone, online form, letter, facsimile and email.

    You have the option of not identifying yourself, or of using a pseudonym.

    However, if you provide your name and a phone number we can contact you to seek further information if we need to. Sometimes we find that reports of tax evasion that we receive do not include all the information we need, and that it would be helpful to contact the person who made the report. If information in a report of evasion is incomplete, we may not be able to use it.

    Your information about tax evasion will be distributed to ATO compliance areas for consideration, stored on our internal records, and collated into reports. The information you provide is also used by us to determine industry trends, new risk areas and to assist in developing compliance strategies.

    Because of the privacy law and taxation law confidentiality provisions, we are unable to inform you of the outcome of your reported information.

    If we take any action against a taxpayer as a result of the information you provide, we will be informing them of our decisions and our reasons for making them. This may involve informing them that we have received information about them.

    We will make every effort not to disclose any information we have which would identify you.

    Where authorised by law, we may give this information to other government departments and agencies, including benefit payment agencies such as the Department of Human Services and Health, and law enforcement agencies such as state and federal police. We may also provide information to treaty partners overseas under international tax agreements.

    Our privacy policy contains important information about your privacy, including information about how you can access and seek correction of information we hold about you, how you may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how the ATO will deal with any privacy complaint.

    Find out more

    • our privacy policy
    • treaty partners  
    • phone us on 1300 661 542 for more information about our privacy policy, have questions about privacy or if you wish to report an instance where you suspect your privacy has been compromised.
    • write to us at the address below.

    Australian Taxation Office
    GPO Box 9990
    [insert the name and postcode of your capital city]

    For example;

    Australian Taxation Office
    GPO Box 9990
    SYDNEY NSW 2001

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