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    How do I add my newly eligible employees to my August declaration?

    How you add newly eligible employees is slightly different depending on your reporting method:

    • Reporting via Single Touch Payroll using JobKeeper payroll codes – provide the start fortnight through STP software to update newly eligible employees. Allow 72 hours for this information to update in your declaration form
    • Using STP without JobKeeper Codes or not reporting through Single Touch Payroll
      • Use 'Maintain employees' to confirm or add eligible employees.
      • Confirm eligibility of employees reported through STP pre-populated in form.
      • Manually add eligible employees not listed in form (up to 40 employees).
      • Include new employees in fortnightly totals when completing your business monthly declaration.

    For detailed step-by-step information, including screenshots, see JobKeeper guides.

    What happens with three JobKeeper fortnights in August?

    The August declaration is different – you’ll need to claim for:

    • Fortnight 9 from 20 July to 2 August
    • Fortnight 10 from 3 August to 16 August
    • Fortnight 11 from 17 August 2020 to 30 August.

    You don't need to adjust your pay cycle for JobKeeper payments. When you're paying eligible employees, if the payment doesn't fit within the JobKeeper fortnight, you can allocate the payment within the fortnight in a reasonable manner. We expect you to pay three fortnights of at least $1,500 per fortnight before the end of August.

    When will my business receive JobKeeper?

    We issue most payments within 5 business days from when you submit your application form.

    It may take longer if we need to run extra checks or you make a mistake on your form.

    Am I eligible for JobKeeper payments?

    Check the eligibility criteria for employers and employees. On 21 July, the government announced proposed changes to JobKeeper but these changes don't affect JobKeeper payments until after 28 September 2020.

    Businesses can continue to enrol for JobKeeper until the scheme ends. To be reimbursed for payments you have made to employees, you need to enrol and identify your eligible employees before the end of the month you want to claim for.

    For step-by-step instructions, visit JobKeeper guides or contact your registered tax or BAS agent.

    My employee was not eligible for JobKeeper in March, but they are now. What do I have to do?

    The key date for assessing employee eligibility for JobKeeper has changed from 1 March to 1 July 2020. This means that you may be able to receive JobKeeper for more of your employees.

    This change applies from fortnight 10, which started on 3 August. For the fortnights starting on 3 August and 17 August 2020 (fortnights 10 and 11), you had until 31 August 2020 to pay new eligible employees $1,500 per fortnight.

    You'll be able to claim reimbursement for these new eligible employees from 1 September when you lodge your August monthly declaration.

    See also:

    When is my August JobKeeper monthly declaration due?

    Complete your declaration by 14 September to get reimbursed for payments you made in August.

    Learn more at Make a business monthly declaration and JobKeeper August declaration.

    Will I lose JobKeeper if my business turnover improves?

    No. Up until 27 September 2020 you only need to meet the decline in turnover test once to be entitled to JobKeeper. For example, if you met all eligibility criteria in March that is enough even if your business recovered in later months.

    What's the easiest way to link my myGov account to the ATO?

    The fastest and easiest way to link your myGov account to the ATO is to go to your myGov account and select ATO from the list of Services. You’ll need your tax file number and details from two tax documents – see Link your myGov account to the ATO.

    If you're having trouble, try troubleshooting the issue. A common problem is when people enter their tax agent's bank details (financial institution details) instead of their own. If you can't link using Questions and Answers, you can phone us for a linking code.

    When will I get my tax refund?

    We aim to process electronically-lodged tax returns within 12 business days.

    It may take longer if we need to run extra checks or you made a mistake in your return.

    You cannot speed up this process, even if you phone us.

    To check the progress of your return, you can:

    • log into myGovExternal Link, if your account is linked to the ATO
    • call our automated self-help phone line on 13 28 61 (choose option 3, then 1) with your TFN handy
    • contact your registered tax agent, if you use one.

    Discuss the progress of your tax return with others on the ATO Community Where's my return?External Link thread.

    Can I apply for the second early release of super payment even if my hours have gone back to normal?

    Yes. If you're eligible, you can apply for a second COVID-19 early release of super payment of up to $10,000 between 1 July and 24 September 2020. The government has announced they will extend the application period to 31 December 2020.

    Check that you meet the eligibility criteria to access early release of super.

    When will I get my early release of super payment?

    Once we approve your application, your super fund should pay you within 5 business days.

    It can take longer if your super fund needs to do more checks.

    If you do not have your payment after 5 days, talk to your super fund.

    How do I find my TFN?

    There are a few different ways you can find your tax file number (TFN):

    • If you have a myGovExternal Link account that is linked to the ATO, log in and go to 'My Profile' then 'Personal details'.
    • Look at documents like last year's notice of assessment, your most recent super statement or the payment summary provided by your employer.
    • Ask your registered tax agent, if you use one.
    • For a business or organisation, log in to the Business Portal and see the entity TFN displayed in the screen header on most portal screens.

    If you still cannot find it, you can phone us on 13 28 61 from 8.00am–8.00pm weekdays and 10.00am–4.00pm weekends. Have information ready so we can confirm your identity.

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