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  • O2 Operational: Our technology and digital services deliver a reliable and contemporary client experience

    Future state

    Client experience is reliable and is delivered through contemporary digital services comparable with any other client-focused organisation.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Single client account – consolidate our accounting systems to deliver a single client account
    • Digital identity – deliver key components and facilitate the integration of GovPass into the broader digital ecosystem
    • Cyber security – continue to strengthen our ability to monitor, detect and respond to cyber threats
    • ATO systems resilience and improvements – continue to modernise and redesign our key systems and services to improve their resilience and availability

    Performance measures

    Measuring availability of our digital systems ensures we understand the reliability of services for clients interacting digitally. Our systems must comply with whole-of-government standards and give the community confidence in the privacy and security of information they share with us. By measuring our compliance with the Protective Security Policy Framework we understand the level of safeguards and integrity of our systems.

    • Security policy (measure under development) – level of compliance with Protective Security Policy Framework mandatory requirements
    • Availability (measure under development) – key digital systems availability

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