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  • 03. Enterprise risk management

    Actively identifying and managing risk is inherent to the achievement of our objectives as an organisation.

    We have well-established systems of risk oversight and management that align with the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy, and support our compliance with section 16 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

    ATO risk appetite

    As an organisation, we recognise that positive engagement with risk is necessary to make the most of opportunities, deal with threats, foster innovation, and to build a strong risk culture throughout the ATO. This means:

    • Where there is a clear opportunity to realise benefits, and risks can be controlled to acceptable levels, we are willing to accept a higher level of risk.
    • Where we are less certain the benefits will be realised, or risks are unable to be controlled to acceptable levels, we have a lower appetite for risk.

    Our strategic risk focus is aligned to our objectives and guide risk management activity across the organisation.


    • G1: Ensuring that people pay the right amount and that our administration of the system is fair and effective.
    • G2: Ensuring our approach is streamlined, integrated, future focused and considers of a whole-of-system view.


    • C1: Ensuring our products, services and systems support a consistent client experience end-to-end.
    • C2: Ensuring we maintain productive and future focused stakeholder relationships to deliver on common objectives.


    • W1: Ensuring we build our future-ready workforce, while still meeting our current needs.
    • W2: Ensuring the experience we give our staff complements the client experience, and can be delivered within the context of our budget and employment framework.


    • O1: Ensuring we develop a targeted and effective data analytics and insights capability.
    • O2: Ensuring our systems and services are reliable, and clearly aligned with business needs, while innovating with the changing environment.


    • F1: Ensuring we develop a more agile, integrated and consistent approach to what we prioritise and where we invest.
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