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  • G1 Government: We build community confidence by sustainably reducing the tax gap and providing assurance across the tax and superannuation systems

    Future state

    The community is confident that our administration of the tax and superannuation systems supports collection of the right tax, at the right time for the wellbeing of all Australians.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Taskforces – support the integrity of the tax and superannuation system through our funded taskforces on tax avoidance, the black economy and financial crime
    • Individuals tax gap – reduce the individuals not-in-business tax gap and design a contemporary approach for taxpayers to substantiate their claims
    • Justified trust – through proactive engagement, provide the community with assurance large and wealthy group clients are paying the right amount of tax
    • Community culture – foster a positive culture towards tax and superannuation to encourage people to willingly pay the right amount of tax and contribute to their superannuation
    • Expansion of pre-fill – increase the number of returns completely pre-filled using data, technology and law shifts
    • Support the superannuation system – increase willing participation and drive transparency in member information and superannuation guarantee by ensuring the system is seen, valued and owned
    • Payment thinking – debt – design processes, systems and approaches that make payment an easy and natural part of activities across all stages of tax and superannuation
    • Integrated compliance approach – implement a whole-of-system approach in how we manage non-compliant, but not criminal taxpayers, and that changes staff behaviour and practices across the ATO
    • Strategic litigation – litigate the right cases using the right expertise at the right time
    • Intermediaries – address risks arising from tax intermediaries who engage in risky and inappropriate behaviours

    Performance measures

    By measuring revenue-based performance criteria, we can assess trends in our prevention-before-correction activities, as well as changes in the extent of system assurance.

    • Confidence (measure under development) – community confidence in the ATO
    • Registration – proportion of companies and individuals registered in the system
    • Lodgment – proportion of activity statements and income tax returns lodged on time
    • Payment – proportion of liabilities paid on time by value
    • Correct reporting – tax gap as a proportion of revenue
    • Debt – ratio of collectable debt to net tax collections
    • Total revenue effects – tax revenue from all compliance activities
    • Tax assured (measure under development) – proportion of the tax base where the ATO has justified trust that tax paid is correct based on the proportion of income, deductions and tax offsets assured

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