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  • C1 Client: Our client experience and interactions are well designed, tailored, fair and transparent

    Future state

    Dealing with the ATO is seamless and easy, and much of it happens automatically through natural systems.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Dispute resolution – embed fair, efficient and timely dispute resolution approaches in our interactions with clients
    • Independent assurance – use independent advice to demonstrate that our decisions are fair and reasonable
    • Single Touch Payroll – support the ongoing transition to Single Touch Payroll and monitor and evaluate its implementation
    • Proactive advice and guidance – use a data-driven and forward-looking approach to develop accessible public advice and guidance
    • Channel experience – use digital interactions wherever possible and limit or close some services in some channels
    • Support for small business – right from the start, tailor and integrate support for small businesses, including through digital service solutions

    Performance measures

    A well designed, fair, tailored and transparent experience makes it easier for clients to access the services and support they need, gives them increased confidence in the ATO and reduces the costs they face to manage their tax affairs. A focus on digital transactions is one way we make things easier for clients.

    • Compliance cost – adjusted median cost to individual taxpayers of managing their tax affairs
    • Digital – proportion of inbound transactions received digitally for key services

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