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  • W1 Workforce: We are a high-performing, responsive and professional workforce with the right culture to deliver now and for the future

    Future state

    Our culture supports an engaged and empowered workforce that is vibrant, flexible and client-focused.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Culture – embed our cultural traits to foster a collaborative and contemporary way of working
    • Integrity – identify, prevent and respond to integrity threats in our workplace, through our integrity framework
    • Future workforce – develop the workforce strategy to deliver the capability required now and into the future

    Performance measures

    Highly engaged employees feel empowered and trusted to deliver the best possible client experience. By measuring the level of engagement of our employees, we will better understand the impact of our Culture strategy. Diverse workforces hold a key to fostering new ways of thinking, thereby enhancing productivity.

    • Culture – level of employee engagement
    • Gender equality – female representation in the senior executive service (SES) and executive level (EL) classifications
    • Indigenous representation – proportion of ATO staff who identify as Indigenous

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