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  • Goals

    Our goals provide focus and direction, driving our organisation to the achievement of our vision.

    Easy for people to participate

    We focus on making it as easy as possible for people to get things right. Our support and services are designed to make it easier to engage with the tax and superannuation systems.

    Our improvements to information, tools and services are designed following consultation with clients, tax and superannuation professionals and other stakeholders. We provide self-service information and tools (such as the ATO app, myDeductions tool, and educational products), as well as front-line services to provide assistance when needed.

    We support businesses by making it quicker, easier and cheaper to transact with us. In future, businesses will have a single business account they will access via a streamlined registration and authentication service. We work with software providers to integrate our services with their products, enabling seamless interactions and reporting.

    We understand that the costs incurred in dealing with government, including the ATO, impact on businesses, tax professionals and other stakeholders. We continue to contribute to the government’s deregulation agenda by working with businesses and our stakeholders, so that we understand their perspectives and can address further irritants and unnecessary regulatory costs.

    Contemporary and tailored service

    As a contemporary organisation, we provide convenient and accessible services, tailored according to risk, for our clients and intermediaries. We continue to consult and test our assumptions to ensure we are delivering the right support and services.

    We are building on the foundations we have in place, such as myTax, to provide convenient and accessible online options for our clients. We will continue to expand the use of myGovExternal Link and the provision of online services, our website, portals and the ATO app.

    When our clients need to contact us directly, we provide a range of tailored services, such as call-backs, click-to-chat, personal appointments and case conferencing.

    We want the community to have confidence in our ability to address non-compliance and ensure the tax and superannuation systems are fair for everyone. Our compliance activities continue to be tailored, targeting those who are not willing to do the right thing.

    Tax and superannuation professionals are important to us. We invest in these relationships by taking the time to understand their perspective and work practices. We do this through practice visits, conversations, and industry consultations, in order to meet their needs. For example, the practitioner lodgment service is now a contemporary platform that enables registered agents to access services directly through their practice management software.

    Purposeful and respectful relationships

    The quality of our relationships with the community, government, our stakeholders and scrutineers can influence the overall effectiveness of the ATO and outcomes for the tax and superannuation system.

    While a significant contributor, we do not control all aspects of the system. We have a shared responsibility with our stakeholders and scrutineers in continuing to build community trust and confidence. We prioritise and invest in these relationships to improve overall outcomes.

    We continue to strengthen the relationships we have with the tax and superannuation professional community. Open dialogue, understanding their perspective and experiences, facilitates early identification and resolution of issues for the broader benefit of all.

    We are improving client satisfaction with the process, service and fairness in managing disputes, including independent reviews. Through respectful relationships we are transparent with clients about what we know, and provide information in a way that helps them meet their obligations.

    Our productive relationships with the states and territories ensure early visibility of emerging issues relating to goods and services tax (GST) administration. Our consultation arrangements with stakeholder and industry groups provide flexible and responsive mechanisms for consulting to improve outcomes more broadly.

    Our commitment to working with Treasury, the OECD and international agencies accelerates the development of solutions to broad challenges faced by the global system, such as base erosion and profit-shifting and the increasingly digitised economy.

    Professional and productive organisation

    Delivering our change agenda and business improvements is about transforming our words into actions. It is about leading and managing well, and mobilising and motivating our people.

    Our capability and professionalism are important. As we embrace new ways of working, we determine the skills and expertise needed in our workforce and invest in learning and development for our professional workforce streams.

    We are committed to becoming an increasingly diverse and inclusive organisation that reflects the community we serve. We will continue to develop initiatives that ensure there are no conscious or unconscious barriers to employment in the ATO. These initiatives will reflect wider Australian Public Service (APS) undertakings. They will specifically drive outcomes for gender equity (especially at senior leadership levels), Indigenous employment, and employment of Australians with disability, as well as being inclusive of employees from other diversity groups.

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