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  • Strategies

    Our strategies guide us in successfully achieving our goals.

    Building a culture that embodies our values and transforms the client experience

    Having the right culture is critical to delivering enduring change. It underpins the transformation of the client experience and creation of the right experience for our people.

    With our staff, we have developed a common understanding of the mindset, attitudes and behaviours critical to a client-focused culture consistent with the principles of the Taxpayers’ charter and supported by our new cultural traits: client focused; united and connected; empowered and trusted; future oriented; passionate and committed. These cultural traits are transforming the client and staff experience. They provide a clear, unambiguous statement of our cultural intent, which we continue to strengthen.

    With this shared understanding of our culture now in place we are focused on embedding it into all aspects of our administration. We will be monitoring our progress to reinforce the new way of doing things. We will increasingly design our products, processes and services for clients and staff in a manner that aligns with our new culture.

    Simplifying interactions, maximising automation and reducing costs

    We continue to improve the client experience through a focus on easy-to-access interactions that reduce the cost of compliance.

    Increasingly, our digital infrastructure and contemporary services allow us to engage with clients, our key stakeholders and each other in an online and mobile environment. We are part of, and will strongly support, the government’s digital services agenda, including through the Digital Transformation Office in the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio.

    We will facilitate more streamlined business-to-government and business-to-business online interactions. This will be achieved through increased use of a complete and single source of business information, and broader adoption of consistent information exchange standards.

    Connecting with the community and other agencies in meaningful ways

    Continuing improvement of our services, administration and ultimately the client experience relies on meaningful connection with the community, key stakeholders and other agencies.

    We are continuing to refine and build strength in our consultation arrangements. We connect with our diverse range of stakeholders who, through their own roles and responsibilities or unique expertise, are able to provide us with insights that support improved outcomes.

    We assess our services to ensure they are appropriately targeted to meet needs and adjust our strategies accordingly. The ‘Show me how’ initiative is an example of a new approach to educating our clients, as are our pop-up service centres; each seeking to keep clients informed and meet needs in a meaningful way.

    We connect with other agencies that can help us provide improved services to particular market segments. Our relationship with the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise OmbudsmanExternal Link is a good example. This relationship provides us with further insights into what matters for small business. It also provides an additional channel through which we can communicate with small business to provide updates on the support and services we offer.

    Influencing policy and law design for more certain outcomes

    Our connection with clients, tax and superannuation professionals and global partners provides us with insights into the overall health of the tax and superannuation systems. Through these relationships, we build an understanding of the issues and complexities affecting the integrity and perceptions of fairness in the system. As a trusted and respected administrator, we are able to influence policy and law design to shape better outcomes.

    Maintaining a strong relationship with TreasuryExternal Link and other government agencies is a priority, as this assists us in keeping the government informed of issues relating to the administration of the tax and superannuation systems. To achieve certainty for the community on the operation of the tax and superannuation legislation, we manage the Test Case Litigation program. We also seek to better understand the experience of businesses, tax professionals and the broader community, to ensure policies are effective, pragmatic and accessible.

    We are strengthening our tax design capability by bringing together policy, law and administrative design expertise. This helps us to strengthen our focus and reinforce our position as a credible voice to shape and implement government policy and system-wide improvements.

    We will ensure there is balance in the debate on tax avoidance and that the discussion on the tax and superannuation system is informed by the facts. By working with our partners in the system, including Treasury, OECD and international agencies, we influence changes that can deliver solutions to these challenges.

    Using data in a smarter way to improve decisions, services and compliance

    Increasingly powerful data models and tools enable us to make better use of our data holdings to support decision making, advise government and deliver outcomes with greater agility.

    We create and maintain a real-time view of our clients’ tax and superannuation positions, current circumstances and compliance behaviours so we can better personalise our services and differentiate our compliance treatments.

    As part of this work, we are also using our data services and analytics to enable us to understand complex business structures and provide assistance based on the circumstances of the client.

    Integrity of the tax and superannuation systems will be maintained by combining intelligence activities, audits, criminal investigations and prosecutions. We work with partner agencies to deliver services; share data, intelligence and expertise; and participate in multi-agency task forces.

    Reshaping the workforce and how we work, to optimise capability and performance

    Our focus is on building and sustaining a workforce that is engaged, professional and respected for its expertise.

    We are continuing to reshape and rebalance our workforce, using a mix of employment arrangements to align with evolving business processes and priorities. We build capability by attracting talented new staff, providing targeted development programs for existing staff, and developing our technical and leadership skills in a contemporary manner.

    By focusing on our capability and trialling new flexible workspaces, approaches and tools, we are positioning the ATO as a competitive employer with a workforce that is flexible and responsive to meet the challenges of the future.

    Our workforce initiatives support the wider APS undertakings on gender equity, Indigenous employment and diversity. Our approaches are positioning us to transform the way we do business, in line with the APS’s recent Unlocking potentialExternal Link report.

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