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  • Priorities

    In 2016–17, our focus is on the delivery of a better client experience. We will achieve this by:

    • Helping people who are willing to do the right thing by tailoring our communication, engaging and building awareness of the products and services available.
    • Strengthening our relationships with tax and superannuation professionals in a rapidly changing digital environment. We will help them adapt to new business models so they can continue to support the needs of their clients. We will also build on our relationships with other stakeholders in the system, such as software developers, as we continue to integrate our systems and services.
    • Actively supporting Treasury in identifying problems that undermine trust and confidence in the tax system, and developing policy options to address the issues. A particular focus will be on establishing the Tax Avoidance Taskforce to expand and improve our performance in addressing corporate tax avoidance and increase confidence in the ATO’s administration of the tax system.
    • Reinforcing the positive cultural changes we have made, ensuring they are reflected in the people, processes and services that support our administration.
    • Shaping and implementing a workforce plan and location strategy that guides the design and make-up of our workforce to meet immediate and longer-term needs. Our plans will reflect agility, capability, gender equity and diversity requirements to support our commitments to government and the community. In line with this, we will enhance the ‘bench strength’ of our capability by refreshing our approach to attracting new talent, introducing new approaches to learning and development, and performance management.
    • Ensuring the integrity of data and information is maintained. New technologies, including integrated services, can also introduce new risk. As we enhance our systems to support better services, we remain focused on maintaining the security and integrity of our data and information. Understanding new threats and protecting our systems from these attacks is a priority. We will continue to adopt appropriate measures to test our systems, and ensure we have a robust approach for new services, products and technologies.
    • Delivering excellence in corporate services and as a leading agency, supporting the whole-of-government agenda to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the public sector, through shared services, contestability and red tape reduction. We will ensure we maintain the capacity and resources to continue to meet government commitments and deliver on our core business.
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