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  • O1 Operational: We use data, information and insights to deliver value for our clients and inform decision-making across everything we do

    Future state

    Our decisions are evidence-based, drawing on data and insights.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Data backbone – develop data management infrastructure to cope with increasing data needs
    • Analytics integration – evolve our workforce, processes and structure to maximise value from data and analytics
    • Data democratisation and visualisation – enable easy access to data and personalised, intuitive analytics insights
    • Artificial intelligence and automation – realise process efficiencies through automation and artificial intelligence
    • Data governance and ethics – embed an ATO-wide and end-to-end data governance model within an ethical framework

    Performance measures

    Making better use of our data allows for early engagement with our clients to help them get things right from the start. It also enables us to identify those who are not doing the right thing. Measuring the proportion of items pre-filled in tax returns will drive changes that make it easier for our clients to do the right thing. It also provides us with increased assurance of the right outcomes.

    • Tax returns – proportion of items that are pre-filled

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