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  • 04. Performance

    Everything we do is about improving outcomes for government and the community. Measuring our impact is fundamental to this.

    Our measures align with our strategic objectives and, by extension, with our purpose – to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians by fostering willing participation.

    A variety of measurement methods are used to assess different elements of our performance, including analysis of:

    • trends in how our clients interact with the tax and superannuation systems
    • survey data used to capture client, partner and staff perceptions
    • our internal activities, such as information technology systems and internal budgeting.

    Many of our performance measures are outcome-focused, and all are assessed annually. Our performance for these will be assessed against trends of results, both in absolute terms and against the performance target for the relevant year.

    Details of the performance criteria and targets for the life of the corporate plan – including those for the ATO, the ABR and our administered programs – are provided in:

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