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  • 05. Organisational capability

    Our organisational capability is the combination of our people, culture, governance principles, processes, systems and knowledge.

    Having a strong organisational capability ensures we can deliver on priorities for the government and the community, and are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in our environment. Our organisational capability will be enhanced to deliver on our strategic objectives for the period 2019–20 to 2022–23.

    Table 1: Capability

    Capability factors and our approach

    Workforce: We are a high-performing, responsive and professional workforce with the right culture and capability to deliver now and for the future
    We will achieve this through deliberate investment in our diverse workforce where our people have the skills, knowledge and attributes to meet current and emerging needs. Our culture and capability supports an innovation mindset, client-centric thinking, leadership values and professional growth. Delivery of our client services will be supported by collaborative working, and modern work practices and workspaces. Our people exhibit high levels of integrity in their work, acting fairly and impartially to provide trust and confidence in the tax and superannuation systems.

    ICT: Our technology and digital services deliver a reliable and contemporary client experience and keep pace with community expectations
    We are a leading digital business, known for technology-enabled innovation, integrity and insight across the revenue ecosystem. Into the future, we will focus on stabilising and optimising our current technology, while building the foundation for future capabilities.

    Our technology delivers optimal, reliable, intuitive and contemporary business solutions – fostering trust and confidence in the tax and superannuation systems, providing exceptional client and staff experiences; and enabling a highly effective and efficient organisation.

    Investment: We strive for operational excellence to achieve efficiency and quality outcomes, and ensure our resources are aligned to our priorities
    Our investments are managed strategically and systematically to ensure we deliver on our objectives, and that benefits and value is realised. Our resourcing decisions reflect our contribution to government, and we ensure effective investment in key government priorities by:

    • ensuring agility in the ATO workforce
    • embedding robust, risk-appropriate investment practices
    • strategically managing our vendor engagement and their service delivery to the ATO
    • focusing on continuous improvement and identifying opportunities to increase our efficiency.
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