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  • 06. Environment

    The tax and superannuation environment is complex, globally connected and disrupted by geopolitical shifts and emerging technologies.

    Our environment has an impact on the risks to our success and the capabilities the ATO requires into the future. The contemporary environment requires us to anticipate and respond to future shifts and changes and also to balance our commitments to the community and government. Through a clear and shared understanding of our environment, we can harness the opportunities presented and build the capability to allow us to deliver our strategic intent.

    Table 2: Environment

    Environmental factors and our approach

    The complexity of the tax and superannuation environment influences client perceptions
    Taxation complexity influences the client experience. The perceptions created by experiences affect our ability to provide effective services. By co-designing enterprise-wide engagement strategies we ensure clients experience an uncomplicated service that encourages ongoing engagement and participation.

    Equity, fairness and confidence in the tax and superannuation systems
    Understanding community perceptions of the tax system is critical to our ability to provide a service that is transparent and fair. We will continue to harness opportunities and integrate strategies to encourage willing participation, leverage data and relationships, and ensure transparency of our operations. By showing how we create a level playing field, we will encourage positive community perceptions of fairness in the tax system, building confidence and willing participation.

    Meeting community expectations
    There are increasing expectations that government is more inclusive and open to working and collaborating with external and international organisations. Our services need to be increasingly joined up and integrated, making use of existing data. Opportunities exist for an innovative delivery model to enable the ATO to partner with others to deliver products and services. Innovative solutions for priority business outcomes and client needs will be co-designed, working collaboratively with our partners.

    Data is a strategic asset
    New technologies, greater portability and mobility of data, and access to digital communities, present new opportunities for data sharing. With increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks, it is important to find the right balance between openness and control. The rapid growth of unstructured data requires investment in new systems, skills and data literacy. Predictive analytics enable agile responses to client needs and expectations, therefore allowing us to deliver results more efficiently.

    Digital disruption is transforming traditional views on how we do things
    The impacts of emerging technologies can materialise quickly, affecting economies, reshaping industries and removing the need for trusted intermediaries. Digital disruption is transforming the way we do things and has the power to drive productivity. Computing power combined with human decision-making can slash times for low complexity / high volume work.

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