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  • 07. Australian Business Register

    We support a fairer business environment for the community, businesses and government through trusted business registry services and digital standards.

    The Commissioner of Taxation is also the Registrar of the Australian Business Register (ABR). The Registrar has separate and distinct responsibilities, as outlined in section 28 of the A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999.

    Future state

    Our vision is to be custodian of trusted business information and a world-class provider of associated services used by businesses, governments and communities to unlock economic and social value for Australia.


    The ABR program contributes to improving national productivity by:

    • delivering effective and efficient business registry services that provide trusted and accessible national business data
    • encouraging trust and confidence in the broader use of national business data by businesses, governments and the community – to promote the development of new and better services for businesses, using the Australian business number (ABN) as a key identifier
    • reducing the administrative cost to businesses in their dealings with other businesses and government.

    The ABR program encompasses:

    • the Register, which is a trusted national business dataset and provider of business registry services
    • Standard Business Reporting (SBR), which defines a common language for business information and standards for digital information exchange and sharing with businesses and government
    • secure authentication options, giving business easy access to a range of services.

    Strategic risk focus

    Through our business registry services and digital standards we maintain the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems and reduce administrative burden.

    Trusted business registry services and digital standards support a fairer business environment that unlocks economic and social value for Australia. Understanding and managing risk associated with achieving our strategic initiatives is vital to delivering on our purpose as an organisation.

    We have well-established systems of risk oversight and management that align with the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy and support compliance with section 16 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Modernising business registers – co-design modern business registry services that support Director Identification Numbers and deliver on tax integrity measures
    • Strengthening the ABN system – improve the integrity of the ABR and use data better to unlock economic and social value for Australia
    • ABR program commitments – deliver on government commitments, including the digital exchange standards, to maintain trust and confidence in the Australian Business Register

    Performance measures

    The ABR program works with all levels of government, digital service providers and the business community to support a fairer business environment that unlocks economic and social value for Australia. This will be achieved through increased use of a trusted national business dataset and the use of consistent information exchange standards.

    • Increased use of the ABR – increased use of the ABR as the national business dataset
    • Reduced administrative costs – reduction in the administrative cost to businesses and government in dealing with each other


    The ABR program will continue to modernise business registers across government. We seek to combine the ABR and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) business registry into an integrated source of trusted business information to streamline the registration experience and improve the range, accuracy and accessibility of the data.

    This work will support our initiatives on Director Identification Numbers (DIN) and strengthening the ABN system, allowing earlier identification of risk in the business environment, including black economy and phoenix activities. These improvements will boost our information and compliance activities by ensuring ABN holders understand their obligations and are assisted to meet them.

    SBR is evolving to provide more flexible technology options and easier implementation. This includes a continued focus on increasing usage of SBR products and on meeting the future demands of business and government digital engagement.


    ABR program capability requirements are included in Organisational capability.

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