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  • 01. Overview


    The ATO’s purpose is to contribute to the economic and social wellbeing of Australians by fostering willing participation in the tax and superannuation systems.

    We have two aspirations for 2024:

    • building trust and confidence
    • being streamlined, integrated and data-driven.


    We are a leading tax and superannuation administration known for our contemporary service, expertise and integrity.

    Strategic objectives

    We have nine strategic objectives, which are grouped into five perspectives:


    • G1: We build community confidence by sustainably reducing the tax gap and providing assurance across the tax and superannuation systems.
    • G2: We design for a better tax and superannuation system to make it easy to comply and hard not to.


    • C1: Our client experience and interactions are well designed, tailored, fair and transparent.
    • C2: We work with and through others to deliver efficient and effective tax and superannuation systems.


    • W1: We are a high-performing, responsive and professional workforce with the right culture and capability to deliver now and for the future.
    • W2: We provide the right tools and workspace so staff can deliver the best client experience.


    • O1: We use data, information and insights to deliver value for our clients and inform decision-making across everything we do.
    • O2: Our technology and digital services deliver a reliable and contemporary client experience.


    • F1: We strive for operational excellence to achieve efficiency and quality outcomes.

    How the elements of our plan interrelate

    Purpose – The reason why the ATO exists

    Vision – What we aspire to be

    Strategic objectives – Our areas of focus to achieve our purpose and vision

    • Future state – These narratives describe our optimum future state
    • Strategic initiatives – The significant pieces of work we will undertake to deliver our objectives
    • Performance measures – How we will measure and assess the success of our objectives

    Environment – The external and internal factors we need to consider to deliver on our objectives

    Strategic risks – The areas of uncertainty that may impact on our purpose

    Capability – The capabilities required by the ATO today and into the future

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