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  • C2 Client: We work with and through others to deliver efficient and effective tax and superannuation systems

    Future state

    The ATO maximises the contribution of others in the system to help us achieve effective administration and delivery of the tax and superannuation systems.

    Strategic initiatives

    • Enhancing the digital ecosystem – work with digital service providers and other partners to expand, streamline and assure the digital ecosystem
    • Intermediaries engagement and assurance – support intermediaries to ensure clients do the right thing, and increase internal transparency around the risks in their professional practices
    • Improved digital services for agents – support the ongoing transition to contemporary digital services for agents and make portal services accessible to digital service providers
    • Online services for business – design the enhancement of online services for business in the ATO Online platform
    • International partnerships – collaborate with other revenue authorities to ensure the ATO can act when people attempt to use jurisdictional borders to block our effective administration

    Performance measures

    Empowering and including our third parties requires that we work together, leveraging each other’s work as appropriate, to achieve better outcomes.

    • Working together – partner perceptions of how the ATO is working with them to administer the tax and superannuation systems

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