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  • The future experience

    • Delivering the future experience
    • Insights on the current experience from clients and staff
    • What people told us they need in the future
    • Guiding principles for the program

    We are changing the way we work to deliver the best possible experience with the tax and super systems for our clients, our staff and our partners. This work will support a whole of government experience for the Australian community.

    The design in this blueprint is centred around the client, understanding that they have a variety of interactions with the tax and super systems, and with broader government services.

    Our services and interactions will be professional, contemporary, and tailored to take into account different circumstances, making it easy for clients and staff to get things right and hard not to. We take a risk based approach and our interactions will be based on their behaviours and choices.

    With access to the right information in a more timely way, we will be more transparent and provide the community with greater certainty of their entitlements, obligations and position in the tax and super systems.

    To bring our transformational change to life, our staff will be empowered and trusted to act and will have access to contemporary tools. Our people, already highly skilled and knowledgeable, will have further opportunities to broaden their knowledge. They will learn from the strong leaders around them, helping to build the capabilities needed to continue to meet the expectations of the community. We will also build strong working relationships with our partners in the system to ensure effective and efficient services are provided to the community.

    We will continue to build community confidence by ensuring everyone pays the right tax at the right time. Critically, the integrity of the system will be maintained by supporting those who choose to do the right thing and dealing with those who don’t.

    Ultimately, client satisfaction and participation in the tax and super systems will be the true measure of success.

    Delivering the future experience

    Reinventing the client and staff experience in the tax and super systems is underpinned by our cultural transformation.

    We will focus delivery of this change through six strategic programs.

    1. Smarter data
    2. Optimised workforce capability and culture
    3. Tailored engagement and support
    4. Governance, design and evaluation
    5. Contemporary digital services
    6. Working with our partners in the tax and super systems
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