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  • New recruit – Team member

    Eli Jacobs

    ‘Starting work at the ATO was easy, I knew what I had to do and who I was going to be working with. I was able to get in and start making a difference straight away.’

    After spending 10 years in the service industry I was looking for a new challenge. I saw a job advertised online for people passionate about providing excellent customer service. I thought I could apply my skills and make a real difference to the community.

    The job description was really easy to understand and it was clear what the job was about. Although I didn’t have the experience in that specific job, after I watched the video about the role and the ATO, I knew I could apply my skills to the position. I was linked to the application system where I completed the application and attached my resume. I was actually at the airport at the time, so I applied using my phone. I was done in no time at all.

    I was contacted quickly after to arrange an interview. Since I was interstate we connected online. I undertook a variety of short interviews. There was a common representative at each one, but each session focused on different aspects like my experience and attitudes towards work. The panel were really professional and I was able to answer the questions with ease. They explained that the ATO has a flexible and mobile workforce and even though I’d be employed into a specific role, my work could change depending on priorities. They said it would still be matched to my skill set but I’m glad I got a chance to discuss whether this would be a good fit for me.

    Within days I had a call from my new team leader telling me that I was successful for the position. Not long after I got off the phone I received my digital offer which linked me to a site where I could accept. I was provided with access and led through a series of questions that fulfilled my pre-engagement and commencement needs. At the end of this process I was introduced to the digital work environment, where training modules were available for me to complete before my first day.

    A few members of my new team had written welcome notes on the forum and invited me to join them for a meet and greet at work. They were really welcoming, showed me who I was going to be working with and introduced me to some of our leaders.

    When I walked through the door, I knew what to do. I regrouped with my team, who explained how our work fits with the ATO’s strategic goals. Since I had completed all the pre-training I could start doing real work straight away. I was able to help several customers. Day one, and I already felt like I was making a difference. I was confident that I’d done the right thing in taking the job and it’s just the challenge I was after.

    How the ATO behaves

    • We use recruitment to identify that Eli has the right skills and attitude, and know our tailored induction will give him the technical knowledge to do his job.
    • Eli’s manager and team prepare for his arrival, and are ready to share what they know.
    • Eli’s manager and team appreciate the diversity and fresh approaches new recruits bring.
    • Eli’s manager encourages and trusts him to do his job.

    What the ATO does

    • We engage early with candidates, setting clear expectations and mutual obligations.
    • We have a timely and professional recruitment cycle.
    • We value and utilise previous experience and skills.
    • Eli receives a tailored induction program based on his experience and knowledge, supported by a range of online induction activities prior to starting.

    How the ATO supports clients

    • We have the right people with the right capabilities in the right roles.
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