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  • Delivering change

    Strategic programs of change

    This page describes the strategic programs of change that will deliver the future experience of the tax and super systems for clients and staff detailed in this blueprint.

    Contemporary digital services

    High level outcome

    Create digital infrastructure and contemporary services that allow the ATO to inform, interact and transact with clients, partners in the tax and super systems and staff in an online and mobile environment. Services will leverage natural systems, provide a whole-of-system experience, be easily accessed and have a whole-of-government focus.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    Provide contemporary digital end- to-end services and products that are streamlined and easy to access, understand and use. Covers the provision of information to our client, our interactions with them and our in/outbound transactions.

    An end-to-end digital service is one in which every instance of direct client interaction is able to be undertaken digitally.

    Smarter data

    High level outcome

    Create and maintain a real time view of our clients’ tax and super position, their current circumstances and compliance behaviour. This will allow the ATO to engage with clients in a way that makes it easier to comply and harder not to; and to support government and staff make the right decisions and deliver outcomes with agility.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    Acquire and connect to infrastructure that builds on our data and information assets to enable greater insight, make informed decisions and deliver outcomes with agility. Create the capability that allows the ATO to differentiate client engagement based on circumstance and behaviour.

    Define the workforce capability required and deliver a new operating model informed by the Data, Analytics and Reporting Review and Strategy, Risk and Intelligence Review.

    Working with our partners in the tax and super systems

    High level outcome

    Through consultation and collaboration with our existing and new partners in the tax and super systems, the ATO ensures the systems are operating at a whole- of-government and global level.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    In collaboration, implement a new business model for tax agents and intermediaries and support these partners to adopt and adapt to the model.

    Leverage off working relationships with existing and new partners, including practitioner intermediaries, software providers, Treasury and other government agencies both here and overseas, to drive fundamental legislative change to the broader tax and super systems that will deliver a future experience that meets client needs.

    Tailored engagement and support

    High level outcome

    The ATO engages with all clients in a tailored, contemporary, seamless and transparent way. Engagement is targeted and informed, providing certainty, based on our understanding of the client’s tax and super position, current circumstances and behaviours. The community values the tax and super systems and paying the right amount of tax.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    Deliver a whole-of-system experience through tailoring engagement with our clients based on their circumstances and behaviour.

    Build new approaches to:

    • Improve help and support, eg show me how.
    • Improve advice and guidance.
    • Improve assurance and enforcement activities.
    • Provide faster certainty for the community regarding their tax and super position.
    • Ensure communications are tailored to the audience.
    • Minimise red tape.

    Optimised workforce capability and culture

    High level outcome

    Build and embed a culture where our leadership and workforce are dynamic, professional, client focussed, innovative, trusted and respected both externally and internally. This requires an agile workforce that understands and quickly responds to the demands using contemporary digital services, products and the right tools.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    Build a professional and flexible workforce with the right skills, knowledge, attitude and tools to deliver excellent client service in a collaborative, supported and trusted environment.

    Ensure change processes and work practices are collaborative, agile and client focused.

    Transform our culture, recruitment and capability development approaches.

    Governance, design and evaluation

    High level outcome

    Create and embed a new internal operating model to support our reinvention and be more responsive to ‘unexpected’ environmental impacts in the future. This requires new governance and management arrangements, fiscal management, design and delivery assurance approaches, performance measurement and integrated, enterprise reporting.

    Nature of the changes to be delivered

    Establish and implement new operating model, leadership, planning and assurance mechanisms necessary to ensure strategic programs remain integrated and outcome focused.

    Build a performance evaluation system that measures and reports on what government and the community value.

    Review and revitalise our stakeholder engagement and communication approaches.

    Reinventing the ATO – Program Blueprint | Version 7 March 2015

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