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  • Excise Payers

    The experience for excise payers is a regulatory function.

    ‘We have the right systems, controls and expertise in place to be trusted with the management of regulated commodities and are empowered to get our Excise obligations right.’

    These are the key features in the regulatory framework for excise that will improve and transform the experience of the excise system for excise payers.

    Trusted to manage obligations

    Approved to operate – Once approved to operate we are trusted to manage highly valuable commodities in a contemporary regulatory system.

    This means:

    • Excise approved entities have the right systems, controls and expertise and are trusted to get it right.
    • Moving from seeking permission to greater self-assessment in the contemporary regulatory regime.
    • Reducing or removing unnecessary and costly administrative requirements.
    • Inventory, manufacturing and financial systems record excisable activities, determine liabilities and assure compliance.
    • Approved entities manage and safeguard the manufacture, movement and storage of goods.

    Make it easy

    Tell us once – We provide information to government once to meet all obligations.

    This means:

    • Data provided to government is used by multiple agencies, eg Customs, Departments of Industry, Health, Environment, Geoscience, Australian and international energy agencies, and state agencies.
    • Import, manufacture and distribution reporting systems for regulated commodities are linked across Customs and the ATO.
    • An investment in knowledge management, technology and new processes to share information.

    More time for getting on with business

    Integrated digital solutions – We can easily manage our excise obligations through integrated software/digital solutions, allowing us to get on with business.

    This means:

    • Systems, software and digital record keeping solutions are capable of managing regulated commodity obligations.
    • Investment to support digital engagement and enable those who need help to transition.
    • Removal of costly, time consuming and out- dated administrative practices and systems.
    • Community acceptance of government accessing records through software for improved service and regulation.
    • Returns are tailored and most of the details are input by systems, software and digital solutions.
    • Support tools are agile, flexible and keep pace with industry practices and technology.

    Getting what we need when we need it

    Service anytime – We can access relevant, timely advice and decision tools to ensure supplies of our regulated goods are not disrupted.

    This means:

    • Advice is easily understood and timely to support the real time nature of commodity manufacturing, importing, moving and storage decisions.
    • ATO experts promptly resolve issues in a way that is sensitive to the commercial imperatives.
    • Working together with the right stakeholders that have the authority to make business decisions about the regulated commodities.
    • New excise clients have access to modern support tools that helps to get excise obligations right, eg mobile app.

    Our circumstances are understood

    Tailored engagement – Our relationship with the ATO is based on transparent dealings, and the ATO takes firm action when they are not.

    This means:

    • Communication and services are tailored to clients’ manufacturing, importing, moving and storage activities and the particular commodities.
    • Tailored services are provided to our largest excise payers.
    • Greater use of data and analytics to provide tailored assistance, detecting and dealing with those not doing the right thing.
    • Dealing in illicit commodities, or circumventing import or excise obligations results in cross jurisdiction action to enforce the law firmly and professionally.
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