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  • Thank you Australia

    We'd like to thank all Australians who do the right thing, lodging correct and on time returns. Thank you for showing trust and confidence in our tax and super system.

    This system pays for Australia's ongoing administration and services as well as its future wellbeing and prosperity.

    Thank you to all Australians; our stakeholders, partners and service providers for contributing to a great tax and superannuation system that provides the benefits to this country we all enjoy.


    Thank you to all Australians who lodged on time, either through an agent or online using myTax, and to Australians who declared all their income (including cash income) and only claimed deductions they are entitled to.

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    Small business

    Thank you to the 79% of small businesses that lodged their tax returns on time in 2018.

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    Tax professionals

    Thank you to our tax professionals who continue to help us achieve our shared goal of a better tax and super system. Thank you for your take-up of the practitioner lodgment service, now successfully used by more than 18,000 of the 21,500 agents.

    Digital service providers

    Thank you to our digital service providers who have helped us deliver key services, including the practitioner lodgment service, Single Touch Payroll, SuperStream and Simpler BAS.

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    Thank you to super funds, including self-managed super funds and large, APRA-regulated funds. 97% lodged income tax returns on time.

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    Thank you to employers for withholding the correct amount of income tax for their employees, and correctly paying their super contributions.

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